VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:Feel free to post your own stories made from the prompts I gave!I'd love to see what you can make!
Don't feel embarrassed,this is a open-minded community ,creativity is welcome!
I don't mind creative pictures or ideas either!
Thank you!

Writing Prompt of today!

"The young man stumbled away from the door,clutching his bleeding nose.His best friend next to him looked shocked and embarrassed,glancing at the young man."

Let's see whatchu can make today.

We gonna keep it simple today!

Today's writing prompt:

"She carefully walked around the corpse,careful not to touch the strange green slime oozing from-"

Complete the story from there!

"gasp"another writing prompt!

"Well,thank you very much sir,but I'm afraid that I don't fancy being an assassin's target,nor do I appreciate dying."the spiffy little teenager said,holding the very same assassin's gun towards him.

Oh the possibilities of this one! 
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