Having issues with Teleport app on both my Android OS mobile and my iPad. Won't let me sign on iPad and get black screen on galaxy S6? I can't upload a 360 from the Thinglink dashboard from any device. I've shrunk the 360 so that it would fit the required pixels but I must be doing something wrong.

I'm trying to find a 360 degree image of the world with countries labeled. Having trouble locating one that can be remixed. Any suggestions?

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Many teachers have asked me why I continue to study when incentives have been removed. This is a barrier for many teachers. The supports for further education are minimal given the number of teachers in the country. We should be incentivised and encouraged to pursue further education. There is very little incentive from the Department of Education to pursue further education and I find this ironic… further Education for teachers is not valued by the Department of Education.

So this is a call for investment in educators… support with fees, study leave, a better framework for submitting research proposals. Enable us to better ourselves so that we can provide the best education possible for the children we teach… research and innovation is the way forward.

Cuddlethenurturingheart will offer a FREE webinar coming soon to give specific tips about increasing your value amongst a valueless system...We must do a better job taken care of our educators...#supportingteachers #teachers #educators #investinginteachereducation #positiveteachers #teachersforteachers #educatorsincentives

Do we have a presentation for presenting Thinglink VR at conferences? It could just be a basic power point that we could present from or modify to make our own.

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Week 2 was definitely more of a challenge for me. Finally got it done: https://www.thinglink.com/video/812872828847128577

Hey! I tried several times last night to upload a picture for the vocabulary challenge without luck. I got it from the equirectangular group on Flickr. I checked the aspect ratio and pixels, but it still wouldn't upload. It seems like w the challenges so far the thing that I struggle with is getting a picture to upload that fits the specifications. But this one does. Any tips or advice?

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Week 2: Civil War of the Words
SC History vocabulary tour of the Charleston Battery
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