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Week 2: Civil War of the Words
SC History vocabulary tour of the Charleston Battery

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Week 1 = first 360 image uploaded and tagged!

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Here is hoping someone can answer a Thinglink question from one of my teachers. Didn't know where to ask... She created a book cover using Google Drawings.  When she inserted into the Thinglink as a JPEG, some of the images on her original GDrawing are showing as a black box.  Any ideas?

I have a question - Will my students be able to create their own thing links and if so Will they have to have an email address in order to sign up? Thanks 

I started the 1st week challenge then got busy and overwhelmed. Can I still work my way through the challenges in a self paced way? I probably won't get as many comments as most probably have moved on, but they look like really great ideas to master Thinglink.

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Not sure where I left off sharing each of my submissions, so here is the 'Portfolio Channel' of all my submissions.  I especially love the collaborative nature of my week 3 & 4 submissions (They're set to anyone can edit). Please add to make them even better!  Also, one thing to note, I know that many of the challenges state to design for your students; I'm a Tech Coach so my students are teachers.  That is why I have designed some of my submissions for them.

I created a ThingLink that I really like, but I need to tweak it a bit for an upcoming PD session. I don't want to completely replace the one I already have because I will use both versions for different purposes. Is it possible to copy my original ThingLink and edit from there, or do I have to start from scratch?

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Updated so that the links to docs work now! :)

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My ThingLink Teacher Summer Challenge 2015 Portfolio
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