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Hello Mothership members!

We need to know who will be able to attend portfolio night as soon as possible. Please fill out this form so we can assure we have a place for you.

If you are participating as a class please have only your product owner sign the form.

For any and all other circumstances please contact Mike Anderson.

Thank you!

Hey everyone,

We have been postponing elections in hopes of better attendance and that did not work out so well today... So we will give this one more shot.

We will be holding elections at 11 am next week Wednesday. 6.21.17.

But we will also be having a pizza party at 10 am, right before elections!!:D So come and show up to enjoy some awesome pizza and cast your vote for our candidates!

Thanks everyone!

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These are our pickups for our Capstone Tank game. I'm shareing this because I think they turned out really well. Shield-Health-Weapon Buff

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SaberCSG goes FREE & OPEN-SOURCE!!/content/47418
Grab it now!

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Link to the Capstone's game of Charged:

Alright, we are looking into alternative ways to get people to attend mothership. The ideas that have already been submitted are as follows;

Smash Tournaments (and others)
Selling Popcorn at the caf
Game Jams

If anyone has any further ideas, let us know in the comments. They will be discussed at next weeks meeting.

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Hello fellow CSG students! Over the summer Jeff Fleetwood, Sam Gebhard and I worked on creating game we plan to release in the fourth quarter this year. We are doing a Kickstarter to offset some of the licensing fees. Please check it out in the link below. Thank you!

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Earn Mothership points for attending this event!!

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Little by Little ...
Hello again, as promised, a more detailed update from the good ole' BrewCityGamer ... Still haven't gotten my dental work done. Still waiting to hear from Marquette about referring me to another Oral Surgeon that will accept my future dental insurance once ...

Students! I just need 1 more person for my CSG 127 Agile Project Management Course!! Great technical management training!
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