Uses my Super Speed to fly to different planets.

Walks on the Moon to explore my family's past.

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Name: Wheatley/ Wheat-Dash
Age: 17
Sex: Male/Stallion
Type: Human/Pegasus
Talents: Mind Manipulation, Bionics, Healing Wavelength
Powers: Bionic Magic (Dark Magic infused with my bionics), Bionics (Super Speed, Super Strength, Manipulation, Heat Vision, Time/Space Control, Super Intellect, Forcefield), Dark Magic, Shape-shifting, Agility
Likes: Space, Technology, Doing science, Parties
Dislikes: Being persuaded, eating too much, fighting, evil
Cutie Mark: Lightning Bolt
Bio: Has 2 pony forms, was adopted, made myself a human body, partially a human
Lived: The Moon
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Flies to the Cafeteria for a quick drink

sits in a room covers in black and green symbols

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bio:is a undercover cop and dosent take no for a answer 

sighs and walks around on the moons surface in a green and black suit for changelings

sleeping ((open RP))

Walks around ((Open))

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this is button mash this is my other account
Name trystar hooves
age 22
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