Does anybody have a custom build of Advanced Qualitative Reasoning they'd be willing to share?

Is anybody offering the Dual Credit courses?

I've been told that TX BIM course will be ready for fall!

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Join @StacyHaw, @Edgenuityinc& myself 4 "Making the Transition to Blended Learning" w @DA_magazine 3/17 #edchat #blendedlearning   #edleadership  

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Stacy Hawthorn and I will be doing a webinar with on March 17 entitled Making the Transition to Blended Learning. Register here

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We had a great webinar with blended learning specialist Stacy Hawthorn +Stacy Hawthorne this morning. She shared these tools to engage students in the blended classroom environment.


NBC Learn

GroupZap Chrome Extension- highlight and save markups to a website

Clean print- get rid of distracting info for readers or for printing

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After attending a session at TCEA on Choice Boards, I created this board for math classes using MyPath and Virtual Tutor. This can be used as a station for station rotations or to avoid burnout, if students pass 3 quizzes in a row in MyPath during the period, they can work on something in their choice board. Tried to keep it open ended and leverage our byod policy. Feel free to modify.

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Mrs. Dove created a tracking sheet 4 Ss to keep in their folders. Students put score 4 pretest and post test to see growth. If they quiz out 3 in a row they earn an incentive and they can choose another activity to avoid burnout. Teacher can quickly see students who need help and create pull up groups.

Has anybody had students with issues in tech courses- specifically with programs such as blender, LibreOffice? It seems that almost all of the technical issues and complaints I hear from students are around these courses. But then again, my students seem to have difficulty checking email or reading the instructions I send : /

What's your handle? Please add your Twitter handle in the reply and share via #edgenuitytx
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