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Coming in at #96
Now this thing is a beast
Let’s point out the first thing: this has NO weakness
And plus, it looks awesome
And let’s also point out the fact Cynthia owns one.

That means it’s gotta be good.

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(Yes I know the background sucks dick, I’ll update it)
I bet you forgot this existed
At #97
I feel that jirachi doesn’t get any recognition for being a legendary
I find that sad to be honest,
It’s a steel type, so it (couldn’t) be poisoned (before)
And it’s the lightest steel type at 2 pounds
Either way, I’ll be updating the list every 2 ish days
Either with 1 or a couple

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That was easy...
Luvdisc at #98
It was a little simple so I tried to draw more than 1 luvdic
Also, why do people hate this pokemon?

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Starting this top 100 is Surskit
The stats are bad, but this (used to be) the place holder for the only Bug/Water type
Also, this thing can walk on water, Arceus can’t...

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#99 Scyther
Admit it, his arms are the show stealer
Having the same stat total as his evolution
I just found this one more appealing to look at
Anyway, onto the next one

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