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Update #45 Jul 23 2015 "[Rick:] 30 years ago the Amiga was launched. This weekend, the anniversary is being celebrated in castAR’s hometown at the Computer History Museum. Coincidentally, Jeri and I also started Technical Illusions 30 months ago. We were asked to participate in the event by showing castAR, so Jeri and myself will be spending our weekend showing something unique on the glasses."

Update #44 Jul 17 2015 "A Tale of Two Volumes - When setting up our Kickstarter campaign, we had two distinct groups of glasses. The first set of glasses were made available earlier in the process, but at a higher price and low volume. The second set of glasses was to be delivered later at a cheaper price. We wanted to detail some of the choices and factors that separates the two sets of glasses out, what we’ve learned by creating the early dev glasses, and some of the improvements to processes, procedures, production, and parts going through."

Update #40 Apr 30 2015 "Fewer wires are better. One of the best things about castAR is that you continue to see the world around you as the 3D world springs from your table top – never losing sight of your friends, the room, or the experience you’re sharing. castAR’s design has to support its social functionality and promote natural, un-tethered play as much as possible. Cumbersome cables certainly limit a player’s ability to explore the edges of their 3D world. We've already reduced cable count and size from the castAR glasses to Video Interface Box. Now we’d like to see the connection from the VIB to your PC become much sleeker."

Update #41 May 14 2015 "A day in the life of castAR/ We wanted to try something a little different for this week's update. Take a glimpse inside the castAR office and get a feel for what our day-to-day looks like. It's tight quarters, we're working long hours, and electronic bits seem to be flowing out of every corner, but good things are happening inside castAR's Mountain View home."

Update #43 Jun 17 2015 "Want access to the castAR SDK? The castAR SDK with Unity 5 integration is available for download! Email to get your unique access code and download instructions."

Update #39 Apr 15 2015 "Tracking upgrades and Unity 5 integration are on deck. Feedback on the Early castAR Glasses is coming in hot. Owen’s been taking notes, jumping in the Forum, and relaying your feedback to help focus our short term and long term development goals. As a result, the Hardware and Software teams have been laser focused on improving two principle castAR experiences: tracking and engine integration."

Update #38 Apr 1 2015 "The castAR Wand steps on up. We’re pleased to report that the castAR Wand has gotten some TLC and achieved some huge improvements over the past few weeks. Bringing the next generation Wand into the dev spot light not only gets us closer to completing the full castAR experience, but it also means that the castAR Glasses are in a good spot, the current SDK is free from old restraints, and next gen tracking is settling in nicely."

Update #42 May 27 2015 "The Auggies and AWE. Vote for castAR and come see us at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, CA! We’ll be in the Digital Eyewear Pavilion June 8-10. We’ve also submitted castAR to the 2015 Auggie Awards under the “Best Smart Glasses” category. Be sure to check out the competition, vote for your favorite contender, and share the voting link with your network. You don’t have to be an AWE attendee to make your voice heard. Voting for The Auggies is open to the general public until May 31st."
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