let me guess …
quiet type?
well, that's just right fine.
but whoever y'are
allow me confide —
time arrived to

enjoy the sights how you can
whether gorgeous or less than;
chances be you're bound
for a …
um ...
eclectic mix
tho the realms we'll cross,
your guess, good as mine.

whereever we be,
however ye see,
just do well to excel
to the point ye realize —
raw or not, kid,
you're in for the ride ...
but if such is life
why not dig it?


The Evening Post —
to be


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sometime I write in the day sometime I write when I pray sometime I write when im hurt it takes the pain away..if you could write would you write if you could write would you wrong would it be wrong if you write if it brings darkness to light.I often write when I write sometime its soft and romantic sometime its calm with no panic sometime its hurtful and tragic.sometime I write to just write sometime I write it for history sometime I leave it to you to solve this unsolved mystery

Ive seen dark nights before,but this night was the darkest id remember not knowing at the time 28 years from today id be looking back on the day my life ended..Her name was lisa weeler a short African American girl from Chicago. she was new to town and had this way of talking that says up north.i cant honestly tell you that I can remember the last time I saw a black girl in town let alone one I thought was kind of cute..her hair was long and black like a side winding snake..her legs were slim as if she worked out daily chasing butterflies.her white teeth complemanted her full lips and at that point when she spoke to me I knew she would be my wife.the world seemed to stop as I tried to remember my name with a look across my face that must have come off as nothing less than retarded as she slowly walked away twiggling her fingers goodbye..mmmm mike ,im mike I said,but it was surely too late..Shut up!!! I don't want to hear another word,class has began..mister hall was my home room teacher at filmore high. he was a real jerk at times and loved to be right about every single subject known to man.students I would like to introduce to you to an addition to our classs... say hi to lisa...YES!! now was the time I could redeem myself.hi lisa I yelled to the top of my voice as if I had sat on a needle or two..sure that she noticed me I calmly relaxed in my chair and waited for her reaction..but just as she looked my way I heard what seemed to be a gunshot..in slow motion I stood to my feet as my class mates made their way to the floor as the loud bangs continued..28 years from today I d look back on the day my like ended....To be continued....

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Essay written by -iN ZiLunS™

such a powerful word with a direct meaning. Have you ever looked it up in a dictionary? It falls several pages after the word, "reconciliation." Have you ever looked up that word before? That's also a powerful word.
Two words, not that far apart from one another, but yet, with opposite meanings...makes you wonder where I'm getting at, right?

The word "retaliation" originally was used for not just in a negative sense but also in a positive sense. It came into the English vocabulary in 1560 and it is derived from the Latin word "retaliare" which means "pay back in kind." The word retaliare never once had just a negative feeling to it, nor, did it have a positive feeling to it either.

So who put in that negative effect??
That's the question.

Let me ask you this... why is it that every single time that the word "payback" is mentioned, one leads to conclude that one party will automatically lose something in exchange for the secondary to gain something? Why can't it be like the phrase "even Stevens," as children say? Where did all this negative behavior come from? Is it because we are so imperfect that we automatically gear towards the minus on any given "communication equation?"

If that is so, then what is next?

Just out of curiosity...when you are extremely thirsty, do you just passively pour yourself several half-full cups of water, or do you grab that cup at an instant and fill it to the top and quench your thirst? I'm suspecting that you are choosing the latter, am I correct?
It would be silly of you if you would do otherwise, right?
So in the same fashion, why can't we incline ourselves to use positivity in problem-solving situations?
Why is it so hard for us to lean towards optimism?
If we did, this world would be a happier place for us all to live in.

What would of become of Jesus Christ if he retaliated?
After all, if anyone has suffered the most ever in history, it's him and he alone. For Jesus Christ suffered and died for all of our sins...yours, mines, your children, parents, best friends, etc. The Holy Bible guarantees us, that there isn't any of us that is not effected by that "ransom sacrifice."
Do you believe that? So do I!!
For God Almighty did not send His Son Jesus Christ in vain. He send him on a mission with a direct purpose for all of us to benefit.
Which one of you would sacrifice your son or daughter to suffer and die for your co-worker?
Which one of you think that it doesn't hurt grievously to watch that happen before your very eyes?
Well then, did you ever wonder how God felt that day when His Son died?

I do.

If my parents did not retaliate against one another, I would of grown up with a family and would of been able to describe my mother in details, but I can't and I'm a writer. That doesn't matter, because I never had her.
I know I'm not the only one.

If Dr. King would of retaliated then what would of become of civil rights?

Just yesterday there was a massacre in San Bernardino, California because someone retaliated.

How many wars must we have to have world peace?
Doesn't that sound like an oxymoron? War and peace??
Aren't you fed up??

I am.
Enough is enough!!

Look, the changes come and will always come with you first.

Next time someone upsets you please, do not retaliate, but instead conciliate.
You'll see the difference in both your personality and well being.

Thank you.

"Above all things, have intense love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins." -1 Peter 4:8


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this is a poem I wrote for a contest and it is getting published please enjoy

The rain was hard on the old brick house
I couldn’t see a thing outside
My parents were gone at the neighbor's house 
So I was all alone, alone and scared
But good things can come when you least expect them

I heard a humming noise coming toward me
I ran toward my room and snuggled with my teddy bear
When I opened my eyes I screamed at the top of my lungs
The thing in front of me tried to quiet me down immediately
It took hours, but she did it

We exchanged names, she was Scarlet and I was Raylinn 
The time flew by as we talked
She told me about her adventures
She also told me that she can see parts of the future
I hadn’t even noticed when the storm went away

The next thing I knew, my parents were coming
Scarlet heard it too and disappeared into a blur of mist
The years went by and I haven’t seen her since then
That changed when I was a grown woman
Scarlet appeared in front of me and we spent the rest of my life as friends.

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I wrote an article about the incorporation of description in your stories. Please let me know what you think.
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