Why cant i share the premium paid app under the Play Store family Account with my family member?

I am unable to set Alert in the app. There is no entry fields for setting the Alert. It hgst a kage with rhe word Alert

Love the app, but three things - you should be able to account for different currencies. I hold Canadian and American equities, but they treat it all as the same currency. Second, I couldn't figure out how to add cash to my portfolio. Third, total portfolio value, as I saw mentioned elsewhere isn't there. If it had these features I'd be a paid subscriber

Can yr company include transaction cost info in the portfolio to better reflect actual Profit n Loss information?

It's a really good app but we are missing the total current value of portfolio???
Very frustrating!

Hi, I am trying to find a screening with the stocks on maximum price from the beginning of each stock. I would appreciate any help.

It isn't showing any data from StockTwits... I tried sighing out and back in and nothing... I have a premium account and not sure why it has "No Data". I even tried with big stocks like Apple and Amazon and still nothing. Could someone help me out please.. Thank You!

Hi. Why I can't see the futures any more???

I can't link my account with the App
Its asking for email
Not username!!!

How frequently data updates for the screener in the morning? It'd be nice if it can gets updated in real or near real-time for main categories in the screener. Btw, no filtering by exchanges made it of little use. Hopefully, it will be get fixed.
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