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CI Shared Dreams provides business and organizational incubator services to help fund, launch and expand beyond what most can even begin to imagine. Our mission is to help you make your dreams come true.

If you've had a dream to start a business or organization, then we have some great solutions to work with. We work with our members to develop marketing campaigns to fund projects, which avoids the need to pursue loans or grants and also leverages toward debt free financial solutions.

There is no job too big or small for our expertise to bring forth amazing results. Our services cover a wide range of expertise.

We teach our members how to recognize and make the most of available opportunistic assets to work with. There are so many that even the best executives overlook, so we fill in the gap of knowledge for our members with some keen knowledge for great expansion processes.

We also teach how to immensely increase profitability for businesses through involvement with philanthropic causes. Our compassionate work sets a new standard of expertise and achievement. Our practice procedures are exceptionally innovative...

I encourage you to join CI Shared Dreams to discover the many options available to help your business develop and grow. We can help you fund the expansion that will drive your business to the very top of your industry, regardless of your financial or credit status.

We live by the belief that when people put their minds together in good collaborative efforts to achieve common goals, good results are inevitable. We can accomplish anything we set out to, through good teamwork. With CI Shared Dreams, our members never develop businesses or organizations alone. We help every step of the way…

-Steve Hulsey - Creative Innovations Founder / CEO!SERVICES/c1pna!ci-manufacturing-plants-cisd-profile/c98q

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Do you have a business or philanthropic dream?

At Creative Innovations, we are very dedicated to helping people bring their dreams to reality. CI Shared Dreams is a special program to help fund, launch and expand businesses and organizations.

I am a firm believer that when people work together to accomplish shared goals good results are inevitable. In most cases, a person sitting on a dream simply needs to find the right people to work with in order to get positive results toward launching new businesses and organizations.

So, we are here to help. We help form partnership arrangements, build franchises and corporations and develop organizations. We also teach network marketing methods.

We teach our members how to immensely increase profitability through involvement with philanthropic causes. We also teach howto recognize opportunistic assets to work with and how to make the most of them.

So, whatever your dreams are (so as long as they are perfectly ethical), we can help you bring them to reality. Be a part of the new era in social sciences we are pioneering at Creative Innovations, in our campaign to build a well-structured worldwide economy.

Join CI Shared Dreams today and make your dreams come true. We have many options to work with, so we will build your campaigns according to your business and organizational needs. Our mission is to help you accomplish yours...

-Steve Hulsey - Creative Innovations Founder / CEO

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The Power of Good Collaboration

I am a firm believer that when good people put their minds together to accomplish shared goals, great results are inevitable. Helen Keller stated, “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

I can’t think of anything wiser anyone could say. Good collaboration is very powerful. It drives momentum to get the results expected by participants, as good people put their minds together to accomplish key goals in order to achieve great success together.

Something special that we are working to accomplish at CI Shared Dreams is the creation if a network of shared businesses among a society of entrepreneurs and investors. By sharing business and philanthropic interests, we can all do what we enjoy while we also offer our best expertise to the businesses and organizations of our interests, which will improve the quality of life for us all and our way of doing business.

By attracting professionals to businesses and causes according to expertise and by also networking people together by interests and expertise, we can boost production of mankind in every aspect to help bring forth a new era in social sciences, altogether. Outsourcing is the obvious way of the future, which is well illustrated as we improve our communications and collaboration skills to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible.

To accomplish something we’ve never achieved, we must do something we’ve never done. So, problem solving in social sciences should be dealt with in new ways. Good management of available opportunistic assets is the key to creating new possibilities.

By considering what expertise is needed to run a business as envisioned, we can bring in professionals common to the network of businesses with similar interests in expertise. Thus, each area of expertise can be handled by a team who works for multiple businesses.

I appreciate any thoughts, ideas and concepts anyone has to offer. Anyone interested in joining our conglomeration is welcome to contact us at CI Shared Dreams and provide detailed information regarding expertise and skills to bring to the table. What services would you like to provide? Together, we can accomplish anything imaginable…

-Steve Hulsey - Creative Innovations Founder / CEO!SERVICES/c1pna!ci-manufacturing-plants-cisd-profile/c98q

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Hello everyone,

I have some pointers to help people understand the functionality of Google+ for good, effective promotions. This is how I use Google+:

I use my communities to post articles to show up on my profile pages, which is an automatic process of featuring the articles in both places.

When I want to post articles for the public and people in my circles and extended circles, I post directly from my profile pages, with the corresponding broadcast channels activated to reach the audience I intend to.

I also use the broadcasting channels when posting articles to pages. When posting to pages, the articles do not show up in our profile timeline, as they do when posting to communities.

Communities are targeted by subject matter according to their titles,  so a search of communities by keyword is a great way to connect with people with common interests, as pointed out in John's video, here.

I also navigate into the People section of Google+ to search using the tabs toward the top of the screen, which allow us to view features from four different channels; Find people, Have you in circles, Your circles and Discover. Searching by keyword in these channels helps to connect with people by targeted, particular interests.

I navigate into the Communities section of Google+ to search using the tabs toward the top of the screen, which allow to view features from more channels dealing with communities; Everything, People and pages, Communities, Google+  posts and Photos.

Through using the search channel tabs, we can get precise information we seek, very easily, to connect with the people of common interests.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to practice what others consider as spam practices. We do not need to put a link into every article or comment we post to get people to connect with us.

By offering good information that people will appreciate and use, people get curious about us and visit our profile pages, communities and other related pages we feature there.

When commenting on an article, we should never try to seem to know more than anyone else or be some sort of big shot. We should comment on what we read and add valuable information for people to benefit with. Agreeing and adding is great. We should always offer good comments and avoid confrontation when we disagree with others with running promotions.

It is also great to offer our envisioned goals and missions in life because people participate with causes, of all sorts. When people share common beliefs and values in life, all that is needed to promote participation is showing the desire and intent and some progress. People flock to progress...

Any information regarding the functionality of Google+ is greatly appreciated. Any extra leverage toward accomplishing our goals is a big help, so knowledge about the functionality of Google+ is valuable.

-Steve Hulsey - Creative Innovations Founder / CEO

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Life is what we make it. When we put our full effort into accomplishing our goals, our achievements are inevitable, especially through good collaboration with others with shared goals.

I've built a great business helping good folks launch new businesses and organizations. CI Shared Dreams provides awesome business and organizational incubator and expansion services to help a myriad of people bring their dreams to reality and also to help form partnership arrangements for collaborative work toward accomplishing commonly shared goals.

I encourage everyone to consider what you would be happiest doing in life to earn your living. If you would like to own your own business, share ownership in a corporation or own and invest into franchises, then this is the opportunity you have dreamed of, which is a sure means to bring your dreams to reality.

Visit CI Shared Dreams to discover your means to open your new business or expand an existing one. You'll be glad you did...

-Steve Hulsey – Creative Innovations Founder / CEO

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Crowdfunding Has Evolved with CI Shared Dreams! It’s a Viral Business & Organization Funding Platform…

CI Shared Dreams has created the ultimate viral crowdfunding platform to fund businesses and organizations. Complete with our 3-tier affiliate program and awesome reward program, our crowdsourcing platform is the best way to fund new businesses and organizations. If you’ve dreamed of owning a business and just simply need a good means of funding to get you started, then you should launch your business with CI Shared Dreams! We have your prosperity in mind…

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, there are no time limits to close the doors to success for many with the CI Shared Dreams Crowdsourcing Platform, as our system was developed to ensure a 100% success rate for all CI Shared Dreams members. All campaigns are permanent, with also our special CI Shared Dreams 3-Tier Affiliate Program and Investment Marketing Campaign Platform to work with and take advantage of. It’s awesome!

Our reward system is very special. Each investment is for a very valuable service and every participant in our program has the advantage of our support, as a unified team, to achieve great success, which will ensure an absolute 100% success rate among our members.

As commissions are earned through our 3-tier affiliate program, 20% is automatically invested into the next upgrade, only investing the difference in the current subscription package to the next for each member. So, we all gain the funding needed to launch the businesses and philanthropic organizations of our dreams, while also gaining the valuable subscription services that Creative Innovations provides.

So, there is a great advantage in our members not having to set up their own rewards programs for their campaigns, simply because it is already taken care of through our viral rewards that our members will find of great value.

Creative Innovations provides special networking collaboration services for our members to take advantage of, with specific training (which is FREE) to accommodate the needs of each and every member. We work as a unified team to ensure a 100% success rate.

Most affiliate programs limit members’ success due to the replicated pages not being recognized by Google and other search engines, because of duplicated content. So, we solved the problem by setting up individual profiles for members that are unique, representing our dreamed businesses and philanthropic organizations, with links to our replicated crowdfunding campaign, to allow the Creative Innovations Rewards Program to be very effective in our viral crowdsourcing campaign platform.

Also, CI Business Innovated Expansion Firm serves all members to ensure proper expansion methods to evolve good ideas into very profitable, successful businesses and organizations. Our mission is to help our members achieve all goals concerning healthy business and organizational development and growth. Creative Innovations even partners with businesses and organizations of interest! It’s a great opportunity…

My ultimate dream is to help a myriad of people bring their dreams to reality, so I’ve developed a very elaborate set of services to do so. We’ve developed a very collaboratively effective way to generate funding for businesses and philanthropic organizations, as a unified team of people bringing dreams to reality. Your dreams are important to us…

-Steve Hulsey – Creative Innovations Founder / CEO

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CI Shared Dreams Provides the Means to Fund Businesses and Philanthropic Organizations!

Creative Innovations has developed specialty services through CI Shared Dreams to help people generate the funding to launch businesses and philanthropic organizations, regardless of financial and credit status, without borrowing money or obtaining grants. We help form partnership arrangements, corporations, franchises and philanthropic organizations, with specialty fundraising services through marketing campaigns.

CI Shared Dreams also helps existing businesses generate expansion funding, with specialty services of CI Business Innovated Expansion Firm. We teach how to recognize available opportunistic assets to work with and how to get the most benefit possible from creating and managing opportunities to prosper through in various ways. We also teach how to generate enormous profited income through involvement with philanthropic causes. People support businesses and organizations with the preamble to help with philanthropic causes, which has been proven time after time.

The set of services we provide at Creative Innovations cannot be found anywhere else in the world, even from partnered services from multiple businesses, organizations, colleges, governmental departments and other sorts of institutions. Our methodology is very unique and profoundly effective.

Our mission at Creative Innovations is to build a well-structured economic system to empower everyone, excluding no one, with the means to prosper, immensely, and achieve philanthropic goals like never before, through new methods. We have everyone’s prosperity in mind…

I’m a firm believer that high school curriculum is full of useless material of subject that should be available for those of us with the desire to learn it. What they should teach our kids is how to generate profited income, as a school of business. But, then we wouldn’t need college education, right? That’s absolutely correct… So, Creative Innovations is taking the initiative to provide the education people of all ages need to begin generating profits through their businesses and partnered businesses, to also provide the means to fulfill our philanthropic purposes.

The CI Shared Dreams Crowdsourcing / Investment Marketing Campaign & 3-Tier Affiliate Program is our universal fundraising platform to help generate business and organizational funding through an extremely viral means. Crowdfunding has become a very popular trend that people enjoy helping others fund their projects of mutual interests. By attaching a 3-tier affiliate program and an investment marketing campaign, we have ignited the ultimate fundraising platform for the world to prosper through. It’s awesome!

We also specialize in creating and managing marketing campaigns of various sorts to help people generate funding to launch new businesses and organizations. Existing businesses have the opportunity to generate funding for expansion processes, to grow and continue to develop services and products of great value.

I encourage everyone to visit the Creative Innovations home site to discover what all we have to offer to the world, to bring forth a new era in social sciences, altogether, in our comprehensive campaign to complete the eradication of starvation and poverty throughout the entire world, once and for all, which has never been achieved in the history of mankind. I know that sounds like a nearly impossible mission to accomplish, but just think how differently a myriad of people in our society will work together when we shift our belief system into high gear with the faith that we absolutely do have the ability to transform our economic system into one that benefits us all, excluding no one.

To do so, we must work to prepare people, individually and collectively, to build prosperous businesses and organizations as integrated systems into our shared economic system with new methods in commerce expansion. So, Creative Innovations is leading the way to a new era in social sciences, altogether, to provide the means for everyone to prosper, immensely. I believe in us…

Join CI Shared Dreams today and gain the leverage to accomplish much more in life, to help create solutions to make the world a much better suited place for us all to share and prosper, as we should. You’ll be so very glad you did…

-Steve Hulsey – Creative Innovations Founder / CEO!SERVICES/c1pna!ci-manufacturing-plants-cisd-profile/c98q
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