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These are the Rules of the Community.

1: First and Foremost, be respectful.
2: Don't kill off another character unless they give permission for you to do so.
3: Building your own lightsaber is critical in becoming a Jedi; I recommend that you go to for ideas.
4: No sexual conduct of any kind is allowed. if you engage in this, you will be asked to leave the Order and the community. If you don't cooperate with our request, then I will have no choice but to report you.
5: if you join us, you must be active in your duties! if the situation arises where you are inactive in our community for at least nine days, you will be asked to join again to ensure that you are participating actively! :)

If you follow these rules, we can have fun as Star Wars fans and as Jedi!

I'm bored. Anyone wanna rp?

I really think that we should have some more activity here. It is kind of dead in here... :/

I think that this community is in need of sprucing up. Who agrees?

I think we need to find a way to recruit people.

We need a battle strategy. One that will destroy the Sith from the inside. The Sith always betray one another anyway.

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NEW Navy ships. Need commanders. And crewers, along with modification specs if desired.
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Im adding a few more ships to this area. We need all the help we can get. Possibly a couple captured Interdictor class Star Destroyers, a couple Venators and Lucrehulk cruisers, and a modified Providence battleship as the flagship.

+Leila Organa , I was wondering if you would join me on a mission to the planet of Coruscant. We need to ascertain the situation on the planet and whether or not we can restore the Republic. The people need a figure to look up to, and I think you are perfect for that role.

+Kalyk Masel , do you think that we can win over the people of Coruscant again, master? I believe that it is the will of the people that can play a part in our restoration of peace.
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