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How do you share student digital projects?
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How do your teachers share their students' digital projects with parents and/or a more global community?  What is the best forum for that?

Ok, so I was driving home tonight, praying not to drive into the lake effect snow.  I was thinking if we could possibly pull off a week or the entire month of May full of TLAP/Makers events school wide.  We can tie it in with "Right to Read/ Young Authors", career day, etc.  I was playing around with the following theme: 

We're "read"y & heading in the "write" direction, full "STEAM" ahead!....thoughts?  

Hey folks, I'm making an exit from this committee and I need a volunteer. Because I created this community page, when I go to leave, the entirety of the Google community will be deleted. I need to transfer ownership to someone else's account. If you're interested, please let me know via a reply to this post.

Since we are a Google App Disctrict...What about using Google Classroom for the teachers of our district (Like an ongoing PLC/ PD)?  This is also where all the Tech Updates can be housed.  Can there be a separate "classroom" for each content area?  Art, Media, Band/Orch/Music, P.E., Math, Science, Ss, L.Arts. A place to share ideas...and PD?

Is there a November date scheduled yet?  

Is it possible to postpone this meeting until a day when half of our team is not overwhelmed with conferencing parents?  I know that the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, but can we set this up for another half day?

HI there-
I cannot attend the LVT on October 9th due to clay project at school & conference availability.

I will not be attending the 1/2 day LVT meeting on the 9th (Oct.).  I have conferences scheduled throughout the day.  

I am trying to do a student lead, mastery based class this year.  It is unbelievable how much the students ask to be told what to do.  I have said they can take quizzes and tests whenever they feel they are ready, with a deadline date that they have to be done by.  Not one person has asked to take a quiz or test before the deadline date.  The lack of independence and curiosity is scary. 

I am noticing some positives.  I have had heard kids explain the process to others, and they get it.  They know the value of it, they just don't want to do it.  The bulk of the work falls on them and they don't like that.  

If anyone would like to have a look, let me know.  My doors always open.  (Not literally, because the energy people will send me a note.)

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