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Alright, mates! This is the admin speaking. I'm here to let you all know about some rules for the RP.

1. You are allowed to post basically whatever you want. Just make sure it doesn't create drama outside the RP. Sexual themes are okay with me.

2. You can play as any 442oons character you please! If you're using an OC, make sure you introduce him/her in the designated place.

3. Have fun!! If you happen to be offended or triggered by anything, do not lash out on someone. Please.

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Continuation of the OC description!
After High school she went to go to college and get a major in arts, when she graduated she lived in an apartment until she could get a job, she was hired to do murals at schools and other public places. She met a nice girl doing her job and started dating her, the girl then found someone else and dumped Shyla. Getting over it quickly, she continued her job and found that more people wanted her to put murals on their houses and even in rooms, agreeing Shyla stepped up her carrier to paint artworks in people's houses, work places and even once agreed to painting one side of a hotel, it was a small building thought. She started trying to sculpt but failed and quit, sticking to painting.
Personally- Very energetic and happy most of the time. If you get her mad she'll try to fight you. But she's clumsy so she'll trip over her own feet.
•likes to embarrass people and scare people. Fun!
•flicks off people for fun.
•If she wanted to offend someone, she'll burn them.

Music interests-
•she likes musicals like Hamilton and Wicked, •she will listen to remixes
•pretty much has a crush on Noodle from Gorillaz.
•vocaloids. Lots of vocaloids.
•loves Katy perry and ke$ha

Singing voice below

For mature audiences only!
Nsfw personality:
•dominant most of the time.
•Likes to be tied up
•hates being teased.
•will put on music like dressin up, mostly Katy perry.
•tickling is required.
•caressing and holding
•lots of kisses everywhere.

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I couldn't find a good dress so I designed one! It is based off rose quartz dress. Because I LOVE HER
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I was listening to Meghan Trainor and I made this because why not. (maybe put a art section in the category's, just a suggestion!)

+Shyla Flight <Next morning>

+Shyla Flight ((I can't post comments on the original post for some reason, so I'll make this post.)) I give you the dress and I go to my bedroom to get ready

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Drew this based off +Thomas Müller and I's roleplay. Pretty proud of it.
Please do not repost my art without permission.

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Shyla in a bra cause why not?

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Shyla Flight human ver.

RP Starter
We all know who the characters of 442oons are. But one day, you get the chance to meet them! Even more shockingly, they're all single!
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