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If you are noticing unexpected behaviors this morning, we apologize for the inconvenience. Google Form recently released an update that also caused users to experience technical difficulties, meaning that some, or all, Google Form Add-Ons are affected. Behaviors reported include Form Triggers, changing and/or saving data, or opening the Add-On.

We cannot fix the issue on our end as it comes directly from Google. We can only wait with you that Google fix it. We will keep the community updated once we hear back.

Thank you for your patience,

Is there a way to copy my FormMule Templates from one sheet to another? I have to create 80 forms/80 sheets that are almost identical and I want FormMule to handle them in the same manner. I tried to copy the sheet first, then copy the form and point it to the new sheet. My Template hidden tabs are still available, but my templates are wiped. Any suggestions on "Copying Best Practice" would be appreciated. 

Hi, how can i change the "from" in the email when submitting forms? I want that when someone send a form, his email will appear at "from". Thanks.

I am using formMule for student discipline referrals. I want to send a reply to the teachers when they submit a referral after I have met with the student and written a consequence on the spreadsheet. I have formMule set to send a response automatically when "administrator action" is "not null." However, I am having to go in and open formMule every time I close out the browser. I want to be able to type the response in the appropriate cell then have it automatically send. Or at least have formMule open all the time so I don't have to go through the set up each time I want to send a response...

Is is possible to set up formMule with two different sheets?

I have two sheets in the same spreadsheet. Each one stores answers from two different forms. Is is possible to use formMule to set up email templates for each of these sheets found in the same spreadsheet?


I would like to add images to my form mule add on. HTML does not support images sent through this add on. Any help out there?

I use formMule along with Autocrat in a Purchase Request form with an approval work flow. Today formMule has stopped creating the edit URL and stopped sending emails. I have not changed anything. 

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I changed my gmail account to my married name and now it won't let me turn off the "on submit" merge option. It says that my old user name is the only one that can make the change. I kept the same google account just changed names. from to

Has anybody been able to turn the edit URL into an HTML? That way you could respond to the Google Form directly in the email?
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