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Hello community,

There is an issue concerning Google Forms and the form edit url. If your form edit url is taking you to a blank copy of your form, open up your form settings and make sure "respondents can edit after submit" is checked. This should resolve the problem. We are looking into if Google made changes to Form permissions as this extra step was not needed prior. If you have any information or are still having issues, please let us know. Thanks everyone😁

"Google Translate error: Invalid argument: target"
This error shows up on template and mail merge messages despite that that Translate entry is Blank. I tried "en" (no quotes) in translate, but no change. Suggestions much appreciated. Peter

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The form edit URL has been working for some time, but recently it started to show this error message whenever I clicked into the form edit url. Can someone please help?

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The form edit URL was working and now when we click on it. It takes us to a window that says you cannot edit your response. user key: AKJxSwwCsQitPK5N2i7U8NPefGhkaFEPpyUTtKc9Oqy6dSEV3XRMjTOS8iyLEKmfyAMSn7CCdE4M

Preview ARROW UP/ARROW DOWN does not work.
Nothing happens when I click arrows; there are many rows, and different templates used for different rows, so I need this function. Any suggestion appreciated. (Yes, owner and only signed in to this one drive). Thanks.

Can someone help me in fixing following error ?

Error: Service invoked too many times for one day: email.

Hello Community,
I have set up a form that collects the email address of the person filling out the form and I have the "Reply To" set to that data. It has worked perfectly for years, but as of a couple days ago every reply is to myself and I have had to manually copy + paste the other email address in its place.

I've checked my form template and it is set to reply to that particular field. Is this a change with Google affecting the outcomes of the form template? Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi FormMule team!

Is the Form Edit URL not functioning properly at the moment?

I am getting this response when I click to the URL Link:

You cannot edit your response
Responses to this form cannot be edited.

Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.

(Error shows on 2 different forms)

Thank you

I am having the same issue others have reported regarding FormMule not being able to open. Here is the sequence of events:
last week - constant errors when trying to send emails, so I opened Preview & Send several times a day
Monday - no emails sent, so I ran preview and send and changed the trigger to hourly, thinking that perhaps the copyDown formula it was using to decide whether or not to send an email hadn't run before formMule did.
Tuesday - still no emails sent, so I tried to preview and send, but couldn't get to that window (spinning). I logged off and on, restarted my computer, tried another browser and another account with access to the spreadsheet. Progressively, the spinning would start earlier and earlier. Now even "open" spins.
Today - looking at responses on this board, I tried Ctrl-Shift-J in an incognito window. That did nothing. It doesn't open any console or take a screen shot of any kind. I did not move the sheet or the form to the top level folder, since moving things in the past has disconnected the form from the spreadsheet, and reconnecting creates a new spreadsheet name which kills all my other sheets and formulas - including copyDown.

Our user key is AKJxSwxHk8a0ols+0huoerNHPk6G/ZJg3nnELVPu7LXFv+UMBR+6vw5zVitAd3uJT8YOl9kDxj8y

I do have other spreadsheets on which formMule is working.

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Hello, Team:
I have FM set up in a spreadsheet that has worked previously. Now, the emails do not send. When I try to check the setup, it stalls out on the preview page and never advances. Any ideas other than totally reconstructing? Thanks in advance.
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