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Well... I'm about to start Phase One of the Assassin's series (in like a week or two, possibly even less) and I would love to answer questions about my literary baby! I'm really proud of it so far, I love the established plot line, and the way I can combine it with other series!

Hi guys! I'm +Thunder griffin, and Welcome! Feel free to talk under this filter! We have it here for a reason! Be supportive of each other, guys! Feel free to post anything you think is both good quality and relevant.

Well..Hey..I'm Rëlla...I love reading Bashing! Fics....Please don't kill me..but I love reading Granger! Bashing...Not that I have anything against hermione..But...she is too overrated somehow..
I know many people will hate me for this'm just saying.....and...also..I love hermione...people say..that I'm like her..but also a bit like Luna..who my favourite character...
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