Had an interesting thought
would you say a model railroad layout is like a woman?
Some are big
some are small,
some have a bunch of curves,
some are just straights,
some have mountains ,
some don't ,
some work nicely,
some frustrate,
some are all set to go,
some are never finished,
some are foreign ,
some are from the south,
some are country,
some are urban,
some are city,
some are pretty fields,
some are a junkyard.
Just remember paying so much attention to them does make the wife jealous

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Just an idea of how it will look
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My search is completed!

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UP Manifest [mixed freighter] - circa ≈ 1972 - Departing New Meadows, Idaho, USA - Heading [East] towards McCall, en-route to Blackfoot Yard, Pocatello - on Sydney N Scale Model Railway Club's fixed layout - "Blackfoot and New Meadows Railroad".

[The layout represents a 'fictional bridge line' located in the mountains of Idaho USA, carrying freight and passenger traffic through twelve towns from the south east to the northwest and return across the central mountains of the state].

SNSMRC Website: http://www.sydneynscale.com.au

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A BBC special, James May assembles a loco, neat if like the English documentary

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Johnny's Model Train Talk live

YouTube Model Builders Johnny's Model Train Talk live chat, join us in our weekly moderated live chat where we keep the subject on model railroading! This general topic live chat is done weekly on Thursdays at 9 pm CST, 10 pm EST. We will be posting the links to join this live chat around 9 pm CST, 10 pm EST, the link will be posted in the comments area of this post. Come join the fun! Be quick when the link is posted, there is only room for 10 on the panel and unlimited in the YouTube live chat.

Thursday night Model Train Talk live chat is now a recorded YouTube Live Stream. So if you do not want to be on the panel or you do not have a webcam, you can use the YouTube Live Stream link to ask questions and watch the live show.

Live show and chat link: https://www.youtube.com/c/YouTubeModelBuildersLIVE/live
Panel link for the show: https://appear.in/ytmb-live

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Three more added to my fleet

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II am having a problem with one of my new locomotives and was wondering if someone could help me out. It is a Kato AC4400CW in N Scale which is brand new.

The engine runs great with the DC decoder installed but when I install a Digitrax DCC decoder only the headlights come on. The decoder is installed per the instructions with Kapton tape and I have made sure the tabs are touching. I have even swapped the new decoder for an older one that I know works and get the same results. I even soldered a 30 gauge piece of wire between the tabs and it still won't run. I have made sure the CV values are correct by resetting the decoder.

At this point I have no idea what to try next.
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