I have some sad news.


The ship is dead.


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All of the wonderful #Scipjack  drawings.

Name: Starflight
Nickname: Star
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: straight

Personality: Starflight is very childish and loves to have fun. She is kind as well.
Biography: She might tell you if you ask.
Likes: Sugar cubes, open spaces
Dislikes: Crowded spaces

((Picture Optional))
Mane: Black
Eyes: Very dark brown
Coat: Black with small splashes of white
Tail: Black
Wings: black with white tips

Powers: Is fire resistant
Strengths: Close rang fighting.
Weaknesses: Family and friends

Family: Starflight's mother was killed by a hydra when her mother had tried to save her foal
Friends: None yet
Relationship: None yet

Possessions: She has a necklace that was given to her by her mother.
Other: Can be extremely protective of the ones she loves.

Where do we put our pegasus profiles?

Acacia walked by the stream, the wind in her mane. She felt so relaxed here, in a place of peace and quiet. She always came here to just be alone. Acacia looked at the brilliantly orange sunset, the colors burning in her mind

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Name: Acacia
Nickname: Ace
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: I'm a polite and proper pegasus. At times I may be firm, but I'm a naturally good hearted horse. I enjoy eating and bossing people around. I sometimes talk in a British accent, though. I'm always happy to help and love a good challenge.
Biography: I've always been traveling the world, seeing new people and places. When I was flying over this place, Monowi, Nebraska, I noticed there was no one living here and decided to settle down. It's a wonderful place, only one person here, an old lady. She thinks us pegasi are big chickens literally. I spent the rest of my life here since the age of 10. We pegasi don't stay too long with our families. We always have too much to do. I invited other pegasi to come live here, in a pegasi paradise. So... yea.
Likes: I absolutely adore grass and hay. I enjoy long walks near streams, and telling others what to do.
Dislikes: A stormy day, it must be some of the younger pegasi unable to control their powers. Also, I hate being bored, and having no one nearby.

Mane: A dark black, windswept
Eyes: My eyes are a striking blue
Coat: It's a chestnut color, my feet have stockings, and I have a star on my forehead
Tail: Average sized, and black
Wings: Like a hawk's. Long and powerful,  chestnut color

Powers: I have what demigods call charmspeak. Also from a rp, I have been granted the ability to shapeshift and make flowers appear*
Strengths: I;m very good at debate and I work out often
Weaknesses: I can't pass down a strawberry-and-chocolate-covered hay stack. It's my most favorite snack ever

Family: I grew up in a family of whom like to travel a lot. I don't visit often, mainly because they're always moving. But when I do see them, they're the best parents a horse could ever have.
Friends: Anyone who has a strong sense of leadership, and enjoys debate, I can get along with
Relationship: If i liked a male pegasi, the gossip would already be everywhere. No, I am currently single

Possessions: On my left flank, there is a band mark from the time I went to this horse-capturing-and-making-them-work business. I eventually got free, but those memories still haunt me today. also, I sometimes put a blue streak of color in my hair for flair
Other: I've met Scipjack before. They're a cute couple. I totally ship them.

Community Rules
This is a community dedicated to the ship, Scipjack. And nothing else.
 Here are our rules:
1) No spam. Please. We'd all love to hear that you won a million dollars, but I kindly ask you to post on another community. This is all Scipjack.
2) Be mindful of younger members. We allow anyone from 7-30 to join. Please, no more, no less. I just don't want an old lady commenting on here. That would just be weird.
3) Be polite. No words above crap. But if you're quoting something, please but a * in the word.
4) A mod can still be watching, even if they don't comment on that post. We have eyes everywhere. Be mindful of that.
5) Be nice to other members. Please, pushing and shoving is okay, but no murder or suicide. And it's okay to be a tattletale. No one's going to blame you.
6) Moderators are nice people, as long as you don't get on their bad side. That means breaking a rule. Please don't break any rules. I think these rules are easy to follow.
7) Oh, and lastly, no godmodding. That means saying you are more powerful than someone else and have control over the universe, and can freeze time. Stuff like that. Please don't do that.
8) Post in the right tab. If you accidentally post in the wrong one, its okay. We all make mistakes. Just repost it in the right tab.
Inability to follow these rules will be banned until they say they will obey the rules, and be a better member. This includes you too mods. Don't get all power-hungry. I won't hesitate to ban you. 
9) If you chose to Roleplay, you can have a max of THREE pegasi. Please only roleplay with your pegasi, no humans come here.
10) Moderators are nice people, as long as you don't get on their bad side. That means breaking a rule. Please don't break any rules. I think these rules are easy to follow.
Have a wonderful day!
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