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Gov 2.0 L.A. 2014 is 4/28/2014.

Emergency First Responders Get Free Admission to Crisis Management Talks at GOV20LA 2014 Led by Experts
Back-to-back earthquakes in Los Angeles and an 8.2 deadly earthquake and tsunami hitting Chile Tuesday night has raised questions and concerns about how prepared emergency first responders, educators, city officials, and citizens are in a world where things can happen in an instant and technology plays front and center.
“This is both a wake up call and a warning. The wake up call is to remember how quickly our sense of normalcy can change to instant chaos. The warning is to be prepared and in an age where social media and real life are so intertwined, all emergency responders should understand technological advances available to them and know how to use them– before we are all in a crisis scenario,” says government technology industry veteran and GOV20LA Founder Alan W. Silberberg.
With experts in cutting-edge advances in crisis management already scheduled to speak at the upcoming 2014 GOV20LA conference, Silberberg announces an open invitation and free admission for emergency responders, educators, and city officials in the greater Los Angeles area to attend, and says he will make the talks available as a live stream online for those unable to attend.
The panel will address the most critical and urgent information First Responders need during and after a crisis that will help them to save lives and property.  What is the most vital and valuable technology to have access to during an emergency? How to effectively establish best practices for communicating via digital channels during a crisis? What is the best technology available to communicate if telephone lines and the Internet goes down? How can organizers scale to handle volume of social media users during the frenzy of a crisis?  What data is important to prioritize needs? What measures will keep data secure in case of an earthquake where data is stored? All of these questions will be answered by leading experts including:
·        Alicia Johnson of the San Francisco City Office for Emergency Response
·        Bob Gourley, the former CTO of the Defense Intelligence Agency
·        Carmen Villadar, a former emergency room nurse and mobile technology analyst/futurist
·        Filiberto Gonzalez, the Los Angeles City Commissioner for North Valley Planning Commission
When: Monday, April 28, 2014
Where: Annenberg Beach House on the beach of Santa Monica, CA
Tickets to attend the talks live are limited and are available in advance through email request at They will be given on a first come, first serve basis and are expected to go fast. People wanting to watch the live stream are encouraged to sign-up for the event Facebook page to receive updates and a reminder before the stream begins here:  
GOV20LA is an intimate and powerful conference held annually to bring together innovative leaders at the intersection of government, tech, and media from around the world in an apolitical setting. Every year, the conference covers breaking topics affecting citizens at large with leaders delivering insights into current gov tech issues and cutting-edge technology in an open town hall format such as the Darknet presentation by General Manager of Intel Peter Biddle and the Award-winning Social Media efforts of NASA JPL’s Mars Rover delivered by Veronica McGregor and Stephanie L. Smith at the 2013 event.

For more information on GOV20LA 2014 please visit Join us April 20, 2013

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 Gov 2.0 LA started as a way to bring people who are not usually together in the same room to be able to openly discuss both Government 2.0 and the technology around it as well as form long standing interpersonal relationships.

The 2010, 2011, 2012  events did all that and more. The Twitter hashtag #gov20la that was primarily used for the event has been in continuous year around use with discussions and links about Government 2.0 and gov tech. Very few live events see their hashtags be used for more than a month after the event. There was tremendous innovation and ideas that carried forward into 2010 through the manifestation of many other events as well as actual opengov and gov 2.0 success stories. It was amazing - all these amazing people came together in a place they had never heard of just to take their industry further.
 Confirmed Speaker list for 2013 will be announced in January, 2013.
We are past the point where the “Gov 2.0” in our name does more than evoke recognition. It is time to focus not on the theoretical but on the practical and how that is working or not. This past year the world has witnessed upheaval and change on a scale that is new to all of us.

When we did Gov20LA  2011 - Tunisia had just fallen, and the crisis in Egypt was just erupting in full; we had a collection of the some of the world’s leading thinkers about guess what: social media in times of crisis and governments. It was to be sure pretty amazing timing.

This year we don’t expect any world revolutions while holding the event again, but who knows?

We do know that the speaker lineup is getting better everyday.

The three themes of this upcoming Gov20LA are going to be:
1. Government 2.0 is actually here. Has been now for a while. We might almost be getting to Government 3.0. (Look for some really cool STEM tech, and social media stories...)
2. How digital diplomacy is changing the face of nations and how they talk to each other. What this means for the rest of us. What is the media doing with social media coverage and how does it affect events?
3. Emergency services are deploying more and more online and it has been providing tremendous advantages in times of crisis like Hurricane Sandy. We are going to bring in some case studies from the leaders involved, including a veterans group working to deploy veterans in crisis situations here in the U.S.
Official website:
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