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(open RP)
when i'm sitting at bar I hear a news from BSAA HQ and I'm driving to BSAA for wearing my uniform and grabs my antimaterial rifle. At the helicopter waiting w sitting,2 hours ltr i,chris,and BSAA operatives jump down from helicopter w rope then I jump down ltr w other BSAA sniper team(Chris w Alpha team) and ready to kill Nemesis,contact to HQ Piers to HQ.. we're on the mission location to search Nemesis and send us an armored helicopter for backup attack contact to HQ w grabbing my antimaterial rifle and looking at BSAA war vehicles in the rain

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getting bored
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Name:Piers Nivans
Nickname:Piers the 2nd Captain
Blood type:A
Date of birth:1987
Date of death:2013
Weight:70 kg (154 lb)
Height:178 cm (5ft 10 in)
Former:US ARMY force,BSAA north America SOU(Special Operations Unit)
Skills:sniper shooter,bioterrorism combat,C-virus Kenya Ja'vo lighting attack,best BSAA driver,etc
Bio:when my great-grandfather still alive his taking me to the military training of US ARMY force. After long I've being the greatest army,someday I meet Chris Redfield the BSAA Captain. He interested about my skills and taking me to join the BSAA in North America. Many years ltr(2012 Edonia,Europe) I and Chris w BSAA operatives taking the mission to kill all of the bioterrorism Ja'vo and giant B.O.Ws we battle. I meet Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin the national security that's team w Jake. After a long mission in Edonia we're moving to Tacthi China for take down another Ja'vo. When i and Chris went to the way where Chris's go,i hear some BSAA operative going to the other side alone and got bite by a giant BOW snake and it makes a blood track. The BOW can turn to invisible and then attack stealthy,we know who's the one that make all of this. All ik is Carla Radames AKA fake Ada Wong from Neo-umbrella. We're chasing her in the secret lab in the tower until my Captain face to face Leon after a short fight. She's using tricks like real Ada Wong like throwing flash grenade and explodes. I try to shoot her and missed "freeze! Damnit!" Before Chris run after Carla I run first while Chris is talking w Leon for a while. Then I and Chris together chase Carla w the military SUV that parks outside. We get her and shot by a helicopter and falls down from a high place as the ship is almost explodes we're using a cool aircraft military jet plane to escape. We landing in the underwater facility,i and Chris free Jake and Sherry from the room and they meet us again. We found a giant BOW that's hatches and the size is more bigger than the BOW snake in the marketplace. As long I,chris and jake,sherry separated from the giant BOW that try to kill us and we're finally escape from the giant BOW but the BOW still chasing us until my left arm is crushed and injected myself w a C-virus. Chris can't believe what I'm doing until I've a lightning power to electrocute the giant BOW. Chris still care about me and escaping both,before I go to the submarine escape emergency I stop and pull Chris inside the submarine. He's talking to me to open the door so I and Chris can get out both from the explosion,i don't answer anything and I just looking at him. When it's ready to launch his yelling my name "Piers!" Because his favorite soldier is going to dead inside the underwater facility. When Chris is launched out he still almost killed by the giant BOW again,and he sees something very bright lighting that destroys the BOW off. After many months of my dead Chris eating in the restaurant where I and him talking about BSAA,now his lonely w his BSAA operatives. As long as he life,i'll be always in his side as an angle "don't cry,Captain..."

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Captain,hang on! grabs Chris while his fainted w shooting mutating Ja'vo

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(open RP)
I'm survived from the explosion and lean somewhere w grabbing a handgun w feeling a pain from my Ja'vo virus i'm sorry Captain +Rickโ€‹....I don't suppose to stay alive w u....I'd kill myself now.... ready to pull the trigger w soft crying

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๐Ÿ๐Ÿ†Resident Evil race๐Ÿšค๐Ÿ
Starts:17:45 pm Tokyo
Prize:1st $10000
2nd $ 9500
3rd $7000
4th $5000
5th $3500

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