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Contains spoliers for fairy tail
Why Fairy Tail is Shit-tier Shounen
Needless to say, massive spoilers are ahead. Lets get this show on the road.

The Overview

This crap has little to no redeeming qualities of its own. When it isn’t busy ripping off its cool older brother Rave, it is busy stealing almost exact scenes and vibes from One Piece. People drawing comparisons to the art style is also a given.

insert massive facepalm here

The plot in general is hardly there. Bits and pieces get dropped in between arcs but it takes over 160 something chapters for what looks like an overarching plot to form. Now it is ok to have episodic arcs to a point or ones that loosely connect to each other. Just look at One Piece. However, when these arcs turn to utter crap halfway through or even the less rage-worthy ones are mediocre at best, you definitely have a problem.

Every villain goes down via a nakama powered punch. Yes, I know this is a shounen and the power of friendship is a running theme in these things. But what the fuck, this series takes that and amps it up to the highest power. We literally have Natsu who tends to be a tier or two below a lot of the opponents he is facing beating them via his punch that is powered by his “nakama”. People say that One Piece is bad about this, but Fairy Tail is by far the worst offender in shounen I’ve read so far. A punch from a weaker person should not be able to take people who are stronger down just because “friendship” is behind it.

The Main Characters

Speaking of Natsu, his character is extremely irritating every time he is on panel. He can literally be summed up with fight me, rage, nakama, fight me, rage, nakama, fight me, rage, nakama. If I was good with photo shop I could create a flow chart off of this. He is just this annoying ass punk that literally attacks people out of nowhere a lot of the time and starts fights just to satisfy his own ego. He even gets pissed at Erza because she attacked Luxus rather than letting him fight him alone. The only semi-interesting thing about him is the fact that he is looking for the dragon that raised him. I say that with sarcasm because it seems like he spends more time picking fights then actually searching for his “parent”. Even then, the dragon itself is the only interesting part about this supposed search. Natsu can go jump in a lake for all I care. It is hard to call Natsu “strong” in relation to the people he faces off against in later parts of the manga. In the past 3 arcs an outside substance induces a power-up out that he has no control over entering on his own or he has help. Anything to pull a win out of his ass really because he tends to fight arc villains that should be beating his ass into dust. Oh, and his “weakness” is that he has motion sickness. Luckily, Mashima has finally given this worn out gag a rest and he has been cured of it by Wendy.

Gray has basically become fodder and the resident whipping boy in more recent arcs. Despite being painted as Natsu’s rival or whatever but that is pretty far from the case power-wise. It is like trying to claim Ishida and Ichigo from Bleach are still valid rivals considering the current developments. Natsu’s jobber aura is too powerful for Gray to compete with it anymore.

Lucy is pretty much just there for fan service. She tends to be put in ridiculous situations so her boobs and ass can be shown in some way. She has her share of ridiculous and/or uninteresting fights. Honestly, she started off ok when she was the actual main character but now I feel extreme apathy when I see her. Loki being her stellar spirit is the only point of interest.

Erza was one of the few good characters but too powerful to be a main character. In the sense that she is a part of many of the missions Natsu and others go on. If Erza were left free from the beginning, she would too easily wreck the enemy’s shit all by herself thus stealing Natsu’s thunder(or fire in his case) and showing him up like the noob he is. This often results into some bullshit plot device to take her out at the beginning of the arc. In the Phantom Guild Arc she took the hit from the enemy guild’s death cannon which put her out of commission until she woke back up. In the Battle for Fairy Tail, she was encased in stone by Evergreen. Only getting out much later because of her fake eye halving the effect of the magic or something. She didn’t even fight Luxus that long because she was stuck dealing with Luxus’ Hall of Thunder trap card. Remember that Natsu was busy throwing a fit because Erza actually engaged Luxus at all. In the Oracion Seis arc, she gets poisoned by Cobra’s snake and is passed out for several chapters until the members of the Light Guilds can go rescue Wendy so she can heal her.(Note that Natsu and Happy also got fucking poisoned FAR WORSE by the same person yet they were both far more mobile and able to still do more than Erza was after one measly bite) I can only guess at what other bullshit reason Mashima comes up with to keep Erza out of the way before she can resolve the arc on her own and leave Natsu throwing a tantrum(like he often does) because he didn’t get to do anything. I won’t even touch how much her character breaks down whenever she is in proximity to Gerard.

The Major Problems

The battle and defeat of Luxus is garbage. Apparently, he is a Dragon Slayer(which starts the trend of it becoming the “Rare Magic” that everybody and their mom seems to have in this story because it can be mass-produced or something). He was already beating the asses of Natsu and Gazille all on his own no problems. Then because one of the guild members tried to get him to see his grandfather, he decides to waste his time on casting Fairy Law which is a spell that defeats all enemies in the area to prove how bad ass he is. The point of this is rather retarded since he was already beating two of the stronger guild members in front of him, the other S-class mage in Mist Gun ran away because his face got revealed, and pretty much everyone else got blasted by his Hall of Thunder. Anyway, he ends up using this spell but it is ineffective. Why? Because Luxus actually doesn’t view anyone in the guild as an enemy. Surprise surprise. Now Natsu takes this chance despite being badly beaten and tired to pull a dragon combo out of his ass that defeats Luxus. Ok, wtf?! Even if Luxus wasted a large amount of his magic with Fairy Law, Natsu should not have been able to cause nearly enough damage to him to KO him with the Mortal Kombat Brutality finisher he completely pulled out of his ass. This fight angered a good portion of the fandom(and rightfully so) although the die hard fans were fine with it. They are happy to eat up whatever shit Mashima serves up for them it seems.

This series has this retarded obsession with death cannons. The antagonists in the Phantom Guild Arc had their mobile guild double as as gigantic death cannon. In the Tower of Paradise arc, Gerard tricks the magic council into firing their death cannon of doom that floats around in space in order to power his tower with the Aetherion magic it fires off. In the Oracion Seis arc, a doomsday device that is suppose to do something completely different somehow ends up doubling as a death cannon as well! While I will give Luxus’ Hall of Thunder credit for not being as generic as the above examples, it still reeks of “We must stop weapon of mass destruction X, in Y minutes before target Z gets wiped off the landscape”. I really applaud the originality streak you have going here Mashima. /sarcasm

Two words. Oracion Seis. This is yet another concept that was blatantly ripped off from Rave. While the original Oracion Seis were a group of powerful people, this new incarnation shames the name of the original and forever taints it. The Oracion Seis in Fairy Fail is an absolute joke. Oracion Seis was the biggest train wreck of an arc that I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Each member of this group is said to be able to solo entire guilds. Yet we get most of them going out like chumps despite the fact that each member can supposedly solo a guild.

Racer’s magic ability was changed mid-arc. He is suppose to have super speed and this is shown when he went well out of everyone’s range to get the container Gerard was in. Then all of a sudden his magic is actually that he slows down time for the people around them? What utter bullshit because his actual feats before that fight were a contradiction! He should have been far out of range for his magic to actually effect anyone at that point.

Lucy had no business winning against her Angel. Her pretty boy ally somehow comes up with this haxxed spell that only Lucy can conveniently somehow use and she literally one-shots the girl. Then she wakes up with no idea of what happened. Ugh, bullshit plot win and the better summoner actually ended up losing because of deus ex machina.

Natsu vs Cobra was more bullshit. His ability to “hear” things comes off as mind reading more than “hearing” in the actual sense of the word. He is literally listening to Natsu’s thoughts at one point. So Natsu just lets out one big scream and down Cobra goes after winning the fight for the majority of the time. I mean what?! He did not just win this fight with something as lame as an accidental scream?! Cobra is a damn mind reader, screaming shouldn’t have done shit to him because he hasn’t been listening with his ears.Oh, but Natsu is down because of Poison and Cobra is back up. Natsu is going to get his ass kicked. But then….bam! Cobra gets shot from behind by Brain. Why? “I don’t need someone so weak in my guild” lol what?! Then he goes and tries to get Natsu to join him. what the hell?! Natsu was the one laying on the ground about to die by Cobra’s hand and Cobra is the one that is too weak?! GTFO of here Mashima. Your writing is reaching new levels of bullshit.

Oh boy Midnight. So this fool’s magic doesn’t actually work on a human body. You mean to tell me after all of this time he never fought someone who was exclusively a hand to hand fighter?! Normally his magic should be quite powerful but considering very few Fairy Tail mages are actually mage like, there should be a number of hand-to-hand fighters that should be able to wreck this guy’s shit. He can’t even distort a fist flying to his face. Which brings me to my next point, this guy can only distort one thing at a time. How the fuck can he solo a guild when he has to concentrate that hard to defend against one attack? Hell, a guild should only need one or two people running distraction while the rest gang bang him. Then as far as his illusions go, all they need to do is close their fucking eyes so he can’t distort the light that they are viewing. There was already a mage that fought blindfolded in this series as it is. I have a hard time believing there aren’t a few more people like that in this verse.

The staff and Zero. So utterly ridiculous that even the characters needed to point out how stupid it is. “The 7th member in a group of six?!” Zero just likes destroying shit. Yet he apparently can’t tell what the fuck a corpse looks like or disintegrate one. He kept attacking Natsu, Lucy, and Gray because he thinks its fun and wants to kill them but apparently doesn’t know how to fucking kill people. He literally states in the same chapter “It has form, I will destroy it!”. Then riddle me this, why the fuck does he even leave Natsu, Gray, and Lucy’s bodies intact? They aren’t even dismembered or disfigured in any sense of the word. Hell, all 3 manage to stand the fuck back up in the next chapter! Yes, even fucking Lucy and Happy. Clearly this great destroyer must have missed that class in destroying human bodies until there is nothing left or something.

Zero, master of this dark guild of people who can each solo guilds on their own. He has shown no ability to even qualify him for the hype or position. He doesn’t even come with his own move set, all of his attacks are just rehashed and beefed up versions of what Brain used. Which isn’t much to begin with. I mean his main and practically only ability is a fucking special beam cannon that bends! Not to mention what I assume was his best attack literally gets shrugged off by Natsu as he just burns away all of the dark ghost-like things Zero sent out to consume him. Then he gets fucking one-shotted by Dragon Force Natsu. What the fuck?! Last I checked Guild Masters were actually suppose to be strong and competent. Natsu never even landed a hit on him the entire fight before he got fed that power up. A Glass Cannon should not be saved as the end of arc villain.

Nirvana is just suppose to switch the sides of light and dark for those weak of heart. So why the fuck does it come equipped with a death cannon too?! Stop with your end of Gundam series death cannons Mashima! That kind of weapon should not be spammed across so many arcs, it has gotten beyond repetitive and every time I see one in this manga I roll my eyes.

In a chapter after that horrible arc ends the truth is revealed that Mist Gun is going around trying to seal up Anima and protect the world? I liked that better when it was Sieg Hart trying to seal up Etherion and protect the world/timeline in Rave. Not only does he steal Sieg hart’s character design but he also has to steal his major plot line too?! That is another thing I did not mention but I’m sure most Fairy Fail readers would have brought up first. Gerard’s face showed up so much at one point that people were making jokes that almost everyone in the Fairy Tail verse is actually Gerard. I toned it down and said that it is actually just 10% of the population. Seriously, the character design got shared between 3 different characters in this manga. Even if one was more or less a phantom, people still got tired of seeing Gerard’s mug all the time. Now poor Sieg Hart who was a bad ass in Rave will forever be mistaken for the failure that is Gerard in Fairy Fail.


Alright, that is enough and I can not tolerate anymore. Time to put this one on the shelf(or in the trash bin) and stop reading.

I am sure that I’ve ranted enough and most people get the point. Basically, this manga is garbage and takes the things that annoy you but amps them up to eleven. People pulling shit out of their asses, ruined characters and potential, and just horrible writing in general. What the hell happened Mashima? Did someone ghost write Rave for you and you only drew the pictures? Rave’s plot, characters, and pretty much everything else were several times better than what I am reading now. Yet you manage to bastardize them by recycling them into this garbage manga.

Congratulations to Fairy Fail. You have earned admission to the club I like to call “Shit-tier Shounen”. I normally have a high tolerance when it comes to this demographic. Fairy Fail has taken that tolerance and raped it and well beyond the breaking point.

Pretty much the only thing that is done right with this story is the fan service. Mashima’s women garner a lot of fan boys. Sadly, fan service can not cover up horribly written drivel. That folks, is what Fairy Fail pretty much amounts to.

Comparisons, Cameos, or Rip-offs From Rave I Could Find:

Plue makes an appearance as a stellar spirit in the beginning chapters.

Natsu is pretty much an unrefined Let. Less structure in his fighting, less manners and honor, more rage and more fire everywhere. Even the whole link to dragons thing they have going on.

Gray’s quirk about always undressing is ripped from the gag with Julius from the Oracion Seis always being caught without his clothes on.

The blatant recycling of Sieg Hart’s design in more than one character.
The Aetherion/Etherion magic.

The Oracion Seis as a group of antagonists.

Griff makes a cameo or two as well in a few panels.

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This hits the feels. Very much...
You said that you won't leave me is that true ?
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