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Hello guys, I've decided to make my own Creepypasta Roleplay group. Looking for a group that has no Mary Sues, active mods, and literate roleplayers? Look no further! However, there must be rules as well:

1. Please do not disrespect Mods. Mods will give you a warning first, but if you continue to do so, you'll be removed from the group. However, if mods are abusing their power, let me know. I'll handle it.

2. Please DO NOT post unrelated posts to the group. They'll be deleted and you'll be given a warning. This includes advertisement of other groups, non Creepypasta posts (this also includes Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory), self harm pictures, etc. OC advice, templates, general creepy things are allowed.

3. Like I've said, this group thrives not only on characters, but also on critique. So don't be surpised when I or anyone else comment on your character's bio. It's even in the title of the group. However, there is a difference between criticism and bashing. Saying "your OC is a Mary Sue/trash/cancer" without telling why isn't criticism. This group promote CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, so I will tell you to tell your reason why the OC is one.

4. Rants, vents, or OC advice are more than welcome! Just be respectful of others opinions, which also go for the commenter. However, you can disagree or even have a little discussion. But when insults against each other are present, that's when I'll step in and tell you to stop.

5. No racism, bullying out of character, sexual harassment in this group. Anyone who does this is banned.

6. ABSOLUTELY NO CHARACTER OR ART THEFT!!!! Do NOT post any pictures that doesn't belong to you. No, that isn't your OC, that's some anime character you've found on Google. This also goes for sharing art, which is allowed. However, please credit the original artist by providing a link to the original artwork post. Don't give me the "I don't know where it came from" excuse. If it's not yours, don't post it. Please refrain from role-playing popular Creepypasta OCS, since most of the creators don't want you rping their character without their permission. That's exactly why Jason the Toymaker's creator dropped him. I have deviantart, so I'll let you know if a character is allowed to be roleplayed with.

7. Please refrain from fangirly comments or posts. You can express your love for a character, but no "I love ___ cuz he's so hot!" Creepypasta monsters are not hot. Any "__ is mine!!" Comments or posts will be deleted and you'll be warned. That character is not yours. They will not hesitate to kill you. If you start any arguments because of your possession of a character, you'll immediately get kicked out.

8. When you get kicked out, you can come back for a second chance. However, if you come back only to do the same thing again, you'll be banned.

So, those are the rules. Remember to have fun and stay creepy.

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Here's some Laughing Jack sketches I made. I made Rainbow Laughing Jack's skin pink to be different lol. I've also tried to give him sharper features, so he look older. I didn't with Rainbow to make him have that youthful look. And yes, that's literally the color dripping out of him. So whatcha think? Suggestive comments about his tongue is allowed

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Guys, this is my proxy OC named ArmyBrat who's a former underground fighter. Her name came from her stage name and the fact that she's an army brat. I have a strong feeling that her appearance is too bland. What should I change? Is it bland?

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When I said "Liu's a sub sandwich", I meant two things

1) He's submissive af

2) He's a sub sandwich

I know that I roleplay as fictional serial killers, proxies, and monsters, but some kids actually want to become those things. Shall we go down memory lane of the Slenderman Stabbing?

But what upsets me is that something serious and tragic like that didn't make the delusional fans look at themselves and realize what taking fiction too far does to you. They didn't treat this REAL event as a time to come together and try to prevent stuff like that from happening every again. But there's still "Who wanna be a proxy" bullshit. Those pictures of "the Creepypasta mansion" is just a fictional place that the fandom made up for......reasons. It's not real, Slenderman isn't real, Jeff isn't real, none of the characters are real. They were not created to promote murder and carnage. They were created to be a horror character meant to scare you.

So please, stop with your "I wanna be a Creepypasta/Proxy" bullshit.

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This isn't Creepypasta, but I just wanted to share an art project I did. This is the time I was accessed to prismacolor color pencils. So I need those.

okay imma start the Q&A on here now

-I am holding a admin Q&A for my charater and her story line on two of the communities and on my personal profile, this community being one of them, the Q&A on here will be in two hours or so. I'd like to take advantage of this Q&A to maybe have some holes filled that you guys may find in the charater or not. If the holes are there on purpose i will say so, if they are untinentional i will fix then as soon as i can.-

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This is just an art dump of 13 year old Jeff. I was too lazy to color and I based his appearance off of this picture:

(Tails Jeff is a cutie)
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