More hosting conflicts. I've just migrated another site to wpengine and with the object/transient cache enabled, parametric search doesn't load content in selects. Disabling the cache and everything is OK

Careful with your choice of hosts and Toolset.

I've just upgraded a version of CRED on a site I'm developing and got a load of error messages on form submit.

It turns out that the latest couple of versions of CRED requires PHP 5.6 to run. (this is also minimum recommended version for WordPress - though it will run on earlier versions).

My hosting Site5, hasn't upgraded to 5.6 and they are not telling me when they will be.

Looking around, Godaddy and Hostgator are also not supporting 5.6 yet, and I wonder how many others aren't.

I haven't seen anything on the Toolset site stating this as a formal minimal requirement.

I wonder how many people like me are going to have to change hosts.

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I’m working on a site that uses Types & Views to work with many-to-many CPT relationships, and I'm having problems filtering the posts to be shown. I thought this might be a good place to get some guidance. (Please and thanks in advance.)

I have 4 CPTs (I’ll call them CPT1, CPT2, CPT3, and CPT4) and 3 intermediary relationships (connecting CPT2, CPT3, and CPT4 each to CPT1, so I’ll call the intermediaries CPT1-CPT2, CPT1-CPT3, and CPT1-CPT4).

The problem is that it's not showing just the appropriate CPT2, CPT3, and CPT4 posts for a particular CPT1 post – right now it’s showing ALL of the CPT2, CPT3, and CPT4 posts on each CPT1 post.

I can’t do a Query Filter given the many-to-many/intermediary setup (since I can’t do Post relationship – Post is a child of”). Related to this, Toolset support had previously said “In this case, when the child view loops through a non-child content, you can use your filter to filter based on Short Code Attribute. The attached image [BB note: I included that here] is showing an example, where you can filter the content based on a field, and can pass the field value via your View's short code attribute. So practically, when your child view is inserted in a loop of your master view, you can pass a value from master view to the child view, and child view filters the content based on that. This is a view level (artificial) parent/child thing and is much useful in such cases.”

So based on that and what I’d seen in other support posts, I think what I need to do is limit the posts somehow in the Content Template when I call the individual views to show the CPTs.

As an example, I tried:
[wpv-view name="CPT2s for CPT1" id="$cpt1-cpt2"] (where the id includes the slug for the intermediary relationship) but that didn’t work. Am I close?

Thank you so much for any direction on this.

Hey All, check out  The Testimonials and the Blog posts were all done in Views. Such a great and powerful plugin.

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New CRED functionality - users forms.  The video runs through the creation of a registration form using the new functionality in CRED.

Seems like there's a bug with WP-Types that won't let you add a featured image =/  Man I really hope this gets resolved soon...

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Adding bootstrap popovers to you views

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Using icons in your edit and delete links for cred forms.

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Does anyone know of a theme, preferably bootstrap 3 based, that allows for different layouts/page templates to be created and assigned based on custom post types?

I've used iThemes Builder and it does most of what I need, but it's a bit clunky. I'm currently using the Toolset Starter Theme with Layouts, but Layouts doesn't assign any layout to posted created programatically by a plugin.

The site I'm having issues with is here; 
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