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Crime: (Why you're here)
   ~Skin Tone:
   ~Clothes Style:
   ~Marks: (Scars, Tattoos, Piercings, etc.)
Special Abilities:
Problems: (Flaws, Addictions, Disorders, Disabilities, etc.) 

(Closed, my gods it has been a while. +Tired Of Being Broken ))

A late night, maybe 3-4 o clock. Stephen was awake and was practising some magic in and around the site. Something was off, not that he could tell but he just knew. A fear of something, or someone grew inside of him. But he'd felt fear before and this wasn't the same kind of fear!

Um guys...? Where is everyone?!?!?!

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"I'm not that specical.."

"I know what it's like to be different"
Name: Elliot Alderson
Nickname: Prefers to be called Elliot
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Crime: Hacking
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Introvert, Socially Awkward, Nice, Caring, Anxious, and Quirky
Appearance: (Pictures/Gifs)
- Skin Tone: Tan Skin
- Height: 6'5 
- Weight: 180 lbs
- Build: Somewhat Strong
- Eyes: Hazel
- Hair:  Dark Brown/Black
- Clothes Style: Fairly Simple; hoodie and jeans
- Marks: None
Special Abilities: Vigilante Hacking
Hobbies: Being By Himself, Being On His Computer, Listening To Music, and Smoking
~ ~ Problems ~ ~
-- Social Anxiety Disorder
-- Depression
| Theme Songs |
~ Control: Halsey
~ Mad Hatter: Melanie Martinez
~ Freak Show: Set It Off
~ Fairly Local: Twenty One Pilots
~ Gold: Sir Sly

Although not much is known about his childhood, Elliot describes his relationship with his father to be a very positive one. He tells Mr. Robot that his father was the only one he could talk to. His father died of leukemia, leaving him in the care of his mother. He did not have a good relationship with his mother, who was somewhat abusive towards Elliot as a child. Darlene is Elliot's sister, although he does not always remember that she is.
Elliot gets a job at Allsafe Cybersecurity thanks to his childhood friend, Angela Moss. He has proven himself to be knowledgeable and proficient, and has gained the trust of his superiors. Though he likes most of the people he works with, he must protect large corporations like Evil Corp, which he deeply resents. Much of Elliot's anger is focused on E Corp, to the degree that whenever he hears or sees the name of the corporation's name he mentally translates it to "Evil Corp", which is the derogatory name he has assigned to it.
When he is not working, much of Elliot's time devoted to white-hat hacking. He stays up to date on forums and boards, and maintains contacts through the internet. He is skilled in information gathering and observation, and demonstrates skills in social engineering, which allow him to learn as much as possible about the people around him. He uses his skills to bring what he sees as justice to people who might otherwise escape the notice of law enforcement, as demonstrated by his confrontation with Ron, a prosperous coffee house owner who also runs a child-pornography website. He also uses his skills to help ordinary people who may have been wronged, such as when he hacked his therapist's boyfriend to protect her from his more violent tendencies.
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((Closed +A Little Lost Girl​))

It was night. Late night or early morning. Strange didn't know anymore. The thing about Stephen is that he rarely ever slept since the horror he faced years ago. He looked at his hands and then back at the sky, which was filled with stars. The roof was his favourite place to be when he didn't sleep. Feeling the heavy rain fall on his face and the strong winds blowing through his clothes and hair. It was another lonely, uneventful night for Strange... Or so he thought

((CLosed +A Little Lost Girl ))

Strange was levitating as he moved to the dining hall were he sat down with a book that was also levitating

(+Av That one )

I walk out of the door, and sit in the car. I am wearing a highly flattering, sexy dress, with heavy makeup and my hair done up fancily. We're going on a mission together to a fancy dinner party. 

(Open as Alex +A Little Lost Girl )
Alex sat in the hallway, staring into space. She has hardly came out of her dorm now days except to go on missions. Her dorm was filled with Ice. Something she discovered she could do long time ago. She sighed and stood up when...

((Closed +A Little Lost Girl )) 
Strange passed up and down the corridor as if he was agitated...

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Name: Stephen Vincent Strange
Nickname: Strange
Gender: Male 
Age: 20
Crime: going rouge thats all you need to know
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Kind, slightly selfish, deadly, fearless
Appearance: (pic) 
   ~Skin Tone:
   ~Height: 6'6 1/2"
   ~Weight: 180 lbs.
   ~Build: Not that strong
   ~Eyes: Blue 
   ~Hair: pushed back black with sliver streaks
   ~Clothes Style: (pic)
   ~Marks: --
Special Abilities: Mastery of magic
Genius-level intellect
Proficiency in medical science
Strange's magical repertoire includes energy projection and manipulation, matter transformation, animation of inanimate objects, teleportation, illusion-casting, mesmerism, thought projection, astral projection, dimensional travel, time travel and mental possession, to name a few. The full range of his abilities is unknown. 
Hobbies: Practising magic, swordplay, martial arts, 
Problems: nerve-damaged hands
Bio:  Doctor Stephen Strange is a brilliant but egotistical neurosurgeon who only cares about wealth from his career. However, a car accident damages his hands, shattering the bones. The damage effectively ends his ability to conduct surgery, since his hands now tremble uncontrollably. Too proud to take on a teaching job, Strange desperately begins to search for a way to restore his hands, consulting various doctors, homeopathic treatments and traveling around the world to remote regions for exotic cures, all to no avail.
He exhausts his funds and is reduced to homelessness and is forced to perform "back alley" medical procedures for cash. Depressed and still searching, Strange locates a hermit called the Ancient One (who is actually the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme) in the Himalayas. The Ancient One refuses to help Strange because of his selfishness, but senses a good side that he attempts to bring to the surface. He fails, but Strange's goodness appears when he discovers the Ancient One's disciple, Baron Mordo, attempting to kill the old man. After Strange thwarts Mordo's plans, (and becomes Mordo's most enduring enemy), the Ancient One teaches him the mystic arts.After completing his training, Strange returns to New York and takes up residence within the Sanctum Sanctorum, a townhouse located in Greenwich Village which is guarded by Strange's personal servant Wong.
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