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Pass it on to another community if you want to live. (Sorry, i just want to live)
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quote: "Just sleep, Just dream, This is only a nightmare soon we'll be set free"

Name: Katie

Nickname: Kat

age: 9

gender: girl

species: Human

race: Arrancar

rank: 15

inside personally:  lonely, lost, depress, guilty, and angry

outside personally: Helpful, Hard Working, and Quiet

weapon: Ninja Sword

Skills: sneaking, flying, and playing a piano

likes: pianos, making Sad/Beautiful music,

eyes: Has a bunny for a left eye and purple pulps for the right 

Bio: i pulled on my father's arm, screaming, he was drunk again and was hurting mommy, so i righted stopping him but he slap me away "DADDY STOP HURT MOMMY YOU BIG JERK" i yelled on the top of my lung, that made him stop and turn to me glaring, he grabbed a knife, crept close to me and stab me in the left eye, i scream in pure pain, then pop, my left eye was gone, i felt onto the ground bleeding, mommy called 911, the cops came the ambulance, also came taking me t a hospital, dad was seen to prison, i stayed in the hospital for a year in a half, they put a bunny button for my left eye, mommy would visit me, but now she passed away dad in prison for life, they going to put me in a orphans, but i didn't want to go so, i jump outta the hospital window, into a what seems to be a portal, they next day, they clam that I've died when i really didn't 

likes: buttons, my mommy, piano, and music

dislikes: daddy, orphans, and big hollows 


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Hello Bleach RPers. I am Lilly and I am the creator. If you would like, give me your oc or a regular character you want to be so we can start roleplaying. If you need any help, please ask me or +Kikuyu Kuchiki. Thanks and have fun. 😀
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