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art done by Viria The Marauders...

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In tribute to one of the great actors of Harry Potter, a wonderful man who will always be a part of our childhood. RIP Alan Rickman. We will miss you dearly. Always.

Raise our wands in tribute to Alan Rickman.
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Guys I think... People are having problems with the registration process here.... Our moderator +Alaya Hills​ has created a Google form for our registration purposes as well as moderator application entries (open only for slytherins for the time being).

So those who haven't registered or are already registered can once again go to the link below and complete the registration process once and for all.

Registration process

Only fill mandatory fields!

Moderator applications

Fill all the fields!

~~~~~ click here to fill the form ~~~~~ :-

Registration form link :-
Fill the details which are mandatory!

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OK so attention everybody!!!!

As this is a new community... only a couple of months old.... You guys are welcome to give me suggestions and ideas to make this place better....

Rose C mentioned this problem too for which I have been looking for a solution.... The problem is...

There is a huge difference in the number of members in each house and hence it results in the overall amount of points earned by the members of each house. In most cases the winner will always be a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw because of large number of members in it

To overcome this problem a suggestion has been made by Rose and I will henceforth plan to execute this process.

The points will be awarded and added up as usual.... At the end the total house points earned will be divided by the number of members present in each house.... In this case it will be the number of members in each house of the Students record.

Example- If Gryffindor has 8000 points and have total of 40 members the final points will b 200.

If Hufflepuff has earned 4000 points and have only 20 members then their final points will also b 200.

This makes the point earning system fare and square and also makes it important for u to get registered and make sure that ur fellow housemates are registered as well.

If you are willing to put this change into effect vote below.
votes visible to Public
Fair for every house
Dont want this system

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Hello Potterheads!!!!

Its such a great thing we are growing into a wonderful big family day by day. You guys are so awesome.... Always keep the flame of potterism burning Inside u.... till the end... Always!!!

I'm glad to inform you that our first ever Hogwarts championship ceremony will be conducted and the winners will be declared and alotted points on 1st of January IST 5:00 pm / GMT 11:30 am . I invite all of you to join the celebrations in our great hall of Potterheads always community. I want to see each any everyone of you present there

See you guys...
Sneha Nair

PS. Also I want you guys to suggest a good official post name for me under which I can sign my name from now on.... :)

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The final points are as follows :-

~~~~ Hogwarts Exams (1 - 4) ~~~~

Ravenclaw leading by 905 points!!!!
Gryffindor 793 points!!!!
Slytherin 770 points!!!
Hufflepuff 250 points!!!!

~~~~ P.A.N.T.S. quiz ( B, D,S, A, T) ~~~~

Gryffindor leading by 500 points!!!!
Ravenclaw 470 points!!!
Hufflepuff 280 points!!!
Slytherin 250 points!!!!

~~~~ Harry Potter quiz ( round 1 - 15 ) ~~~~

Gryffindor leading by 3466 points!!!
Raveclaw 3104 points!!!
Slytherin 1802 points!!!
Hufflepuff 1304 points!!!

~~~~ Annual quiz ~~~~

Raveclaw leading by 480 points!!!
Gryffindor 460 points!!!
Slytherin 310 points!!!
Hufflepuff 300 points!!!

~~~~ Give away rounds ~~~~

Gryffindor 3500 points!!
Ravenclaw 3300 points!!
Slytherin 3150 points!!!
Hufflepuff 2850 points!!!

Dear Gryffindors

Are you all properly sorted and registered in the student records?
Those who are confused please ask me and if you are registered then please type yes. This will help in proper counting of marks and the deserved house can win. Please co-operate. I need 17 yes comments.

Abhro Hazra
( Gryffindors,Potterhead)
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