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If anyone would like a sub from me i will gladly help out! Check out my YouTube channel on the way too! :) 

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Ark Survival Evolved Sols Tribe Life (Ep7)New Tribe Member/Taming fail Unexpected Help#GearriderHD

In this video I thought I would Get us some more Egg Layers and Dinos we need but I Great message from a Old Tribe member that want to help Up be come Great and and Strong again...So Gear up and Let Get stonger Gears

#ArksurvivalEvolved #Ps4 #Xbox #GearriderHD #Youtube #Beampro #SubForSub

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hey bros

I'm. Here

how r u today


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Battlefield 1 Gameplay Muiltplayer Madness/ My Aim Is Crap/#GearriderHD

In This video I had no good luck with my aim or skilles in this gameplay I think I am a little Rusty and If any of you would like to Play this Game With me Leave a Comment and I play this Game On Xbox one...
#Battlefield1 #Xbox #PS4 #GearriderHD #Gameplay
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