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Name: Gary
Age: 15
Personality: slick and Evil
Other: I was Dr. Egg man worker

wasnt there a pink female hedgehog rper here?

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Name: Luni the Black Cat
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Personality: secretive, Sly, clever
Family/Friends: none
Hobbies: Stealing things
Likes: being a theif, selling things on the black market
Dislikes: being caught
Power: blending in to the shadows
Weapons: Brass knuckles

We need season 4

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Hello! I'm Bokkun. Would you like to see the message Dr. Eggman had sent?

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(if i haven't made a profile Before here is one now)
Name: Silver X (Real name: Light)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Personality: Kind and caring
Likes: Fighting Eggman, Racing Sonic, Relaxing, having fun
Dislikes: getting beat by Eggman
Family/Friends: Sonic and Crew. Shadow the Hedgehog and Maria Robotnik
Weapons: Chaos Light Sword
Powers: Chaos Control, Chaos Spears,
Equipment: Silver armor.
Power Supply: Mystical Emerald (5 shards to form hull Emerald)
Mystical Emerald: a single Emerald that can split into 5 shards each having a power of its own but it is alive its power rivals that of the 7 Chaos Emeralds but it only unleashes that amount of power only when the Wielder is in Danger
Bio: im a friend of Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cream, Cheese and Knuckles ever since i was found on Mobius by Sonic and the Gang i became an important team member
Hidden Past: Im a Secret Project Made by Dr Robotnik Eggmans Grandfather I was created to be like Shadow but as a Light Version of him and as a Human after the incident on space colony ark when Maria set Shadow free i was very young at that time Maria put me in a transport Pod by Maria she handed me Gift a Mystical Emerald soon i was sent through a Chaos Control but my Memory was lost soon as i arrived on Mobius due to some error in the transport

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Quotes: See me as I am, no longer afraid of anything!!!!! , I guess im not who i used to be no longer sonic, why are all of my friends afraid of me, IM TIRED OF BEING MISTREATED JUST BECAUSE IM A ROBOT
Profile: name: metal sonic
Abilities:can run just as fast as sonic can do anything he can, can glide
Age: ?
Color: blue
Hobbies: none
Eye color: red
Status: depressed, and robotized
Bad side: can be controlled by eggman
Hates: people being afraid of him and his friends not recognizing him
Other info: is sonic from a bad future robotized
Warning: is unstable and could go insane at any given point can also be controlled by eggman
Easily angered
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(Open rp)
Emken is leaning on a wall, thinking to himelf
Emken:So this was the place dad was talking about
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