+Snowy Cat Do we need to have our profiles approved before we role play? Bc I kinda want to role play now😂. Also can I make a 2nd OC?

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Name: Moonpaw
Age: 8 moons old
Personality: happy, loyal, optimistic
Bio: she was abandoned by her parents and left to fend for herself. She is hopeful and believes one day they will come back for her, she lives right outside the clans and is fascinated by them. She would like to join them, but she stays with her big brother, thinking her parents will come back.

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Name : blue fire or blu
Gender: female
Moons: age 14
Species: cat/wolf
Bio: winged cat
Speed and flight speed: 99/100
Strength: 80/100
Weakness: my weakness is un none
Transform: into a wolf
Likes: to make frends
Trait: shy and fearfull
History: my parents died in a fight for territory and lost to a evil cat named scar I managed to escape with my life but I don't wont to find him because im not ready to fight him yet but wen I am ready I will kill him on sight and take his life for killing my parents and leaving me to fend for my self wen I was young.

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Here is my profile

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Nightstorm's Profile

"I am the storm"
Current name:Nightstorm
Past name(s):Nightkit, Nightpaw
Future name(s): N/A
Nickname(s): N/A
Origin of name:
Prefix: Pelt colour
Suffix: Personality? And her mother
Age: 32 moons
Date of birth: ?
Place of birth ?
Age at death: 40 moons
Cause of death: Thrown over gorge during battle
place of death: The Gorge
Zodiac sign: ?

Gender: she-cat
Sexuality: straight
Meaning of sexuality: Only toms
Current clan: Thunderclan
Past clan(s): N/A
Future clan(s): Starclan??

Current rank: Deputy?
Past rank(s) Kit, Apprentice, Queen
Future rank(s) N/A
Mother: Silverstorm
Status: dead...
Father: Blake
status: dead…
Brother(s): Tigerfrost
Status: Warriors?
Sister(s): N/A
Status: N/A
Foster mother: Silverheart
Foster father: Ravenwings
Foster brother(s): Sunclaw
Foster sister(s): N/A
Other family: Bob, My kittypet bother
Mentor:Silverstorm(For the first moon), Runninghawk, Wolfpelt (as of my book)
Appentice(s): Leafpaw, Cloudpaw
Crush: n/a
Past Crush: Icegaze
Future Crush: n/a
Mate: Icegaze
Past mate: n/a
Future mate: n/a
Kit(s) Cloudpelt (adopted), Patchear, Littlestep
Friends: Runninghawk, Whitestar(In my book), Wolfpelt...
Enemies: Goldenstripe, Omen, Scars
-Food: Bird
-Time: Sunhigh
-Plant: Catnip
-Season: Greenleaf
-Scent: Mint
-Place: My nest?

Least Favorite:
-Cat: Goldenstripe
-Food: Rabbit
-Time: Sundown
-Plant: ?
-Season: ?
-Scent: Goldenstripe
-Place: Medicine den with Goldenstripe
Main colour (fur): Black
Second colour (fur): White
Third colour (fur): n/a
Fur Length: medium/ average
Main colour (eyes): Light blue
second color (eyes): Turquoise (slightly)
Third colour (eyes): n/a
Breed: Tuxedo
Nose colour: pink
Pad colour: Pink and brown
Inside ears colour: Pink
Scars: ripped right ear (cuz of goldenstripe)
Positive traits: Fast runner, Good hunter, Likes learning

Neutral traits: Protective, curious, Vicious when feels threatened

Negative traits: Confused, akward around others, Broke the warrior code(a few times)
Kithood: She was found in the forest as an abandoned kit by Silverheart and taken in to the clan. On he day of her apprentice she found out Silverheart wasn't her real mother and Attacked clan dpeuty and ran away

Apprenticehood: Because she ran from camp she was made apprentice 1 moon late as a punishment. However for that moon Silverstorm taught her some basic skills and she learned quickly.

Warriorhood: She went out to find her real mother. Found her father and the name of her mother and met cats fron the twoleg place

Deputyhood: She was a good deputy but did make the wrong choices at times she died in a battle. She finally dfinds out that Silverstorm is her real mother when she dies.

Leaderhood: she died as deputy and never became leader

Art Credit: me
OC owner(s) me

Hello!~ Welcome to the Warrior Cat Roleplay!
Sadly, I am not the founder of this roleplay! An amazing friend of mine decided to give this to me....I just don't know much about it so I gave it a makeover! I guess

Here is some rules you will have to please follow!

1. No Mary/Gary sues
I don't want your cats to seem perfect in every way!
2. No unrealistic cats!
Don't have cats with human hair or unrealistic fur/eye colors!
3. No bullying!
Please be mean to the character! Do NOT be mean to the real person!
4. Be respectful to ranks higher than you!
No I don't mean like leader or anything I mean Mods and the owner(s)
5. No making prophecies without my permission!
I do don't want to see someone with other people saying these cats are gonna save a battle or anything....just please...no

6. No powers!
I don't want to see a cat having teleporting powers or wings or something
7. Ask for a high rank!
Please don't make something without asking unless I already told you that you could have the rank!
8. Have fun!
9. Also, a person can only have 2 high ranks!

Here is the basic form, but you may use yours! ^^

Pretty simple! Now go roleplay your heart out!



Leader: OPEN
Deputy: OPEN
Medicine cat: Reserved spot for someone ^^
Medicine cat apprentice: OPEN

Leader: OPEN
Deputy: OPEN
Medicine cat: OPEN
Medicine cat apprentice: OPEN


Leader: OPEN
Deputy: OPEN
Medicine Cat apprentice: OPEN

Leader: OwlStar- Me
Deputy: OPEN
Medicine cat: OPEN
Medicine cat apprentice: OPEN

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Name: StonePelt
Age: 15 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Rank: Med-Cat
Clan: RiverClan
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Very outgoing, likes to talk, isn't afraid to fight. Often is found in the nursery talking to new queens or in the warriors den chatting.
Likes: Helping others, and being included. She thinks that just because she's the Med-Cat doesn't mean she's this mystical cat no one can talk to.
Dislikes: Rude cats, and cats who are ungrateful and take advantage of others.
Looks: Has light gray fur with dark gray spots and blotches. Fur is usually all over the place and crazy. Has blue eyes.

can I make a 2nd OC?
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Name: Skunkpaw

Age: 8 moons

Gender: Male

Rank: Medicine cat apprentice
Clan: Riverclan
Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Optimistic, friendly, overly excited at some points, forgetful will grow out of this as he gets older, too trusting of others, bottles up most of his feelings

Likes: Day dreaming, his mother very attached to her, new cats

Dislikes: Being reminded of why he's a medicine cat, the disappointment that his father eyes gave away towards him, and his medicine cat assessments.

Looks: pictures are before he fell, the one coloured is by Pepper, the one on paper is an old drawing by me

His front paw is at a limp angle, forcing him to limp and sometimes stumble when he walks. His right eye also has become lighter. When he hit the grown he's eye took some force and blinded it permanently. He's paw is predicted to be, also, permanent.

Things to know:
He has one sister that well not have a profile unless someone wants to be here named Shallowpaw. His father is Ravenfang and his mother is Badgerface.

He was mainly raised by his mother, his father was almost never with them when Faithkit(renamed after she died) was alive.
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Name: Marley
Age 13 moons
Gender male
Rank kitty pet
Clan none
Feature clan: River Clan
Sexuality straight
Personality: Open minded, carefree, loyal, playful
Likes running, swimming
Dislikes thunder
Looks cream-yellow colored tom with green eyes

IS there a skyclan can i be leader?
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