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+Ragavi Kannan had found this on Twitter where a girl who was at the airport where Lou and El were attacked explained what she saw and what happened afterwards.
Please this around if you can x
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Rowan and Sabrina is hot

hi Rowan

What should I do?
When i want to be something like but don't get enough support because everyone thinks a girl shouldn't do things which are risky. Shouldn't some one do what they like???

OMG! My friend is going to a live taping of girl meets world (or whatever it's called lol) WHO WANTS THEIR NAME SAID BY ROWAN?!?!??! Comment below your names!

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hey rowan, i am a big fan of yours and i was wondering if we could chat on google hangouts

I really like you rowan. I have included a photo please tell me yes if you think I look hot
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