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Teacher(you) x student(me)
Name: Jessica
Nicknames: jess
Species: human
Personality: kind, shy, funny and don't talk much
Gender: female
Crush/lover: my science teacher
Abilities/power:she has ice , snow , frost power
Likes: her science teacher, her hair
Dislike: mean people and people making fun of me
Bio: she is a new student and been at school for 3 months and knows her classes. She lives at the north pole but don't tell no one about it. Her parents are Mr claus and Mrs Claus.
Others: she loves snow flakes when she was a new born. Her parents called her Jessica. Years gone by and she grown to a young wonderful women. Her hair is white as snow and goes down to her feet and her eyes are baby blue. She got transformed from many schools by her parents bc the kids find out by her powers. If one more person from this school found out and tell someone she has to be homeschooled
Clubs: ???
Apperance: baby blue eyes, her hair is really long and goes down to her feet. Her hair is white as snow

Need a science teacher

Starter: she walks to school every single day. Today she is wearing a dress with snowflakes on it. She has a crystal around her neck and wearing gloves. My book bag is blue and crystal hanging from my dress. I have baby blue eyes and wearing glasses with snowflake on it. She went past (y/n) class room as I went inside it. (Y/n) walks over to me and...

Will be in hangouts
No Pp
Please don't rush straight to sexual stuff really fast
Romance & sexual allowed
Boys only!
Please enjoy roleplay with me^^

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Anyone wanna RP?

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Wow this place is dead
Animated Photo

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was at her knees against an army of eastern sergals their general was pointing a sword at my head. She was about to end me untill you and backup came. After you broke the door while the others were handling the guards outside, you then... (Open Rp)

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Is sister location Funtime Foxy a boy or a girl? (or at least what do you think)
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I'm awesome and if you know me you're awesome too!!

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Anyone wanna be the joker to my Harley
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