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Have been in love with this song for the past 6yrs

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Like Pls

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Very inspirational !!!

Nice story...!
Man: Whatcha got in the beat up old rusty bird cage, son?
Kid: Birds, three little ole dumb birds
Man: What are you going to do with them?
Kid: Have some fun
Man: What kind of fun?
Kid: I’m gonna tease ‘em and pull out their feathers and make ‘em fight with each other.
Man: And when you get tired of them, then what?
Kid: We got cats. Then the cats can have fun with them.
Man: How much do you want for those birds?
Kid: These dumb old things? They ain’t pretty. They can’t sing. They’re just stupid little baby birds that fell
out of a nest. What are you going to do with them anyway?
Man: Free them
Kid: That’s dumb. I might catch ‘em again tomorrow.
Man: I’ll give you $10 (Man takes out his wallet and hands kid a bill. Kid hands over birds and takes off
running with the $10. Man opens cage door and lets the birds go)
Part 2
Jesus: Satan, whatcha got in that old rusty cage?
Satan: A bunch of stupid rebellious people.
Jesus: What are you going to do with them?
Satan: Have some fun

Jesus: What kind of fun?
Satan: I’m gonna tease 'em and hurt ‘em and make ‘em fight with each other. I’m gonna teach ‘em to use guns
and drugs and cheat people, lie, steal, all kinds of stuff. It’ll be real fun
Jesus: And when you get tired of them
Satan: Throw ‘em into hell. Then hell can have fun with them.
Man: How much do you want for those people?
Satan: What do you care what happens? There just a bunch of dumb stubborn people.
Jesus: I’m going to free them from your power.
Satan: If you let ‘em go I might catch ‘em again tomorrow.
Jesus: would you take my life for theirs?
Satan: Yeah, but I want to spit on you and beat you and watch you die slow. You still want these dumb
stubborn people.
Jesus: I do. (Jesus pantomimes being crucified; Satan puts down the cage & leaves)

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Believe :)
From Charles Spurgeon's "Faith's Checkbook"
Refreshing Sleep
July 2
So he giveth his beloved sleep. (Psalm 127:2)

Ours is not a life of anxious care but of happy faith. Our heavenly Father will supply the wants of His own children, and He knoweth what we have need of before we ask Him. We may therefore go to our beds at the proper hour and not wear ourselves out by sitting up late to plot, and plan, and contrive. If we have learned to rely upon our God, we shall not lie awake with fear gnawing at our hearts; but we shall leave our care with the Lord, our meditation of Him shall be sweet, and He will give us refreshing sleep.
To be the Lord's beloved is the highest possible honor, and he who has it may feel that ambition itself could desire no more, and therefore every selfish wish may go to sleep. What more is there even in heaven than the love of God? Rest, then, O soul, for thou hast all things. Yet we toss to and fro unless the Lord Himself gives us not only the reasons for rest but rest itself. Yea, He doth this. Jesus Himself is our peace, our rest, our all, On His bosom we sleep in perfect security, both in life and in death.
Sprinkled afresh with pardoning blood,
I lay me down to rest
As in the embraces of my God,
Or on my Saviour's breast.

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