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I Am From ENL.

Tresspass of state owned property. State Park closes at 6:00pm agent attacked and took portal hours after closing even after being told over comm that there was a visible sign warning of park being closed this Is a violation of Ingress TOS and needs to be addressed both Agent's have been warned and reported multiple times by other agents for these infractions there has been a police report filled. Why won't Niantic do anything?😖

FYI +Keys For Everyone flipped and is now ENL

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Hello members

June 29th I will participate for the 2nd time in the sponsoring tour for the Juliana Children's Hospital in The Hague.

At 9:00 am I will leave with another 150 others in the direction of Texel (De Koog).

Now my goal is to raise money ... but how ?? !!

March 10 I will come to Missionday in Enschede by bike ... on the bike!

If you support me and donate money, I will go to Enschede by bicycle.

More information about this and to support me, you can look at

Sharing in other groups is very appreciated: heart:

Thanks in advance for your support, named me and many sick children

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I am a beginner.

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We have heard that many of you are concerned about the game board being reset after reading our latest update on Ingress Prime. It is your feedback that has fueled this next chapter in Ingress and we will continue to listen to the community as we explore all options in the best path forward for Ingress Prime. As its release draws closer, we will communicate changes to our Agents they can expect.

Rest assured, we will make sure that your dedication, hard work, and progress is respected as we continue the development of Ingress Prime. Exciting times are upon us and we’re looking forward to sharing more information with you all in the New Year.

Edit: There are no plans at this time to neutralize all portals.

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Ingress Year 5 Sage Swag
Celebrating Ingress Year 5, CSD presents you with Sage Spinner Coin and Pack.


This is the PRE-ORDER, it will be open until Friday, December 22, 2017.
Production process and shipping will be in mid to late January 2018.

For latest IndoSwag swag promotions and news join our Telegram Channel or simply search for @indoswag on TG app . :)

Thank you!

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