Damn, what ever happened to ecoins?

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Who do you think is better? Pinkstardust or redstardust?

You see all those premium member eyes at Kawaii's?

There is a cheat to get them :)

You log in through the spanish/espanol server, and you go to the beach. You enter the tanning salon, and you click on the eyes you want. If it is premuim, you have to buy it in ecoins or stars. Click "buy with ecoins". It is free!

Check it out! Now I have the crystal blue eyes I wanted for so long :)

What are the requirements to be a moderator?

Hi guys! I am snowflake_petal, a buddy of cherrylollipop6. I recently joined last week, and now I have a ranking of 9 in the Hall of Fame for Rookies. Maybe this status will be changed tomorrow, so I won't be there next week :(.

Anyway, I am deciding to quit Fantage. I have quite a few accounts. In 2014, I started out as princessaurora. Cherrylollipop, then princessariel, started too. Soon, I changed to weifei as my main account, named after my sister and me. Then, cherrylollipop6 started using princessbelle.

In 2015, I went offline for quite a period of time. My other friend, lx2508, started a new account with cherrylollipop6. It was called clandlx. In the same year, cherrylollipop6 officially became my friend's main account.

So now, in 2016, I joined again at the start of the year. snowflake_petal was created in a challenge between the three of us. Winter_rose and destiny was created.

Because I have a major exam this year, and it will affect my next 4-6 years, I am quitting Fantage. If you want to have snowflake_petal, email me at fallenleaves0528@gmail.com. Please also tell me who you are on Fantage right now, what level are you and what you plan to do with snowflake_petal. You will NOT be able to change her password.

Cherrylollipop6, I hope this "give account away" activity is not against the rules. If it is, please take it down at once.


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this is done by princess moomoo, the creator of Fantageville. She has a level of 900+ non-member.

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Hey cherry:

I know that you are IT-savvy so can you teach me how to take a screenshot on a MacBook Air? I can take pictures in that case :)

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If you go to the Grotto, you will see three candles: one blue, one red and one green. You look on your far right. The three symbols are on the tree trunk. You click on the candles one by one in the sequence they are on the tree (from left to right), and there will be a white swirl and you can see the swan-boat move. You click on the swan boat, and you will be transported to a mysterious place. Explore it yourself! :)
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