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Name: Terrell cherry



Likes: Declassified

Dislikes: Declassified

Specialty's: Is part demon but also human and a little bit Niko

Demon powers: it is a long list so I only name a few of them my right side of the body is on fire when I'm in demon form and what if I'm in human form and my right side of the body catches on fire it means two things 1 I activated my powers or 2 I Fall In Love and if my left side of the body is in the ice it means I'm in demon form because I'm a mixed demon or I know something bad is going to happen and I have other things but they are Declassified

Neko: wolf

???:Always carries a sword around with me

Sometimes is a sociopath and I love guns and sometimes I'm a assassin so watch out

And here's to pictures you really enjoy and
do not steal my photos)
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Is this rp online?

walks in I don't know what to do

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Makayla Arlene



Don't be mean to me or be rude to me something will happen (jk)

Walks, playing violin, roses

Rudeness, getting hurt


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I was a bad girl at school. I always got into trouble and I was usually always the girl who was in most fights. You could usually find me in the library or detention. You were a guy that was secretly a vampire. You had a hard time at school because of the cuts and blood that people got there. Your girlfriend ended up starting a fight with me by calling me a bitch. Even though I never talked to you or your girlfriend you could tell that I was angry. She grabbed my necklace and broke it. I growl at her and tackles her. She screams and I get a few punches in. She ended up punching me back. It took 5 students and 3 guards to get me off of her. I scream curse words in a unknown language at her and she flips me off. She has a bloody nose and a black eye. I on the other only have a bloody nose and a scratch on my arm. You see my broken necklace and you..

(Ok rules :
At least 3 lines
State your name and age and have fun ^^))

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Here is the School Uniform

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probably.. no one might see this but... this upcoming july... july 30 were gonna have a feild trip.. ((im too impatient to wait for january)) so pick a busmate

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We we're best friend's since 3rd grade. I had a huge crush on you. We we reached high school I finally told you my feelings but you already asked someone out. A few days later your girlfriend started bullying me with out you knowing. You eventually stopped talking to me and forgot about me. I was heartbroken so I stopped talking to everyone and ignored you.Our class were talking a field trip to the beach. I got on and put my headphones on. Unfortunately all of the seats were taken except mine so you came and sat by me. You*
(Open male)


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Name: Kay Winter
Gender : female
Personality : She is very friendly And loyal to her friends. If you are her friend or boyfriend she will defend you. She is sweet and always looks on the positive side. She is a prankster always will try to put a laugh on a upset face
Likes : Winter, laughs,music, drawing, hugs
Dislike : bullies and people picking on her friends.
Looks like: a girl with brown hair and eyes with a pink hoodie
Bio: She is a girl who was born with winter powers. She goes to a regular school and tries making friends. If you get close to her she will show you her powers. She dreamt of becoming a singer some say but for now she'll try not to draw attention.
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