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Name: Angela

Race: Xerneas

Gender: Female

Moves: Geomancy, Moonblast, Hypnosis, attract.


Sexuality: Bi

Crush: none

Likes: Females more then males, likes to play and fight ruff, dominant males, and reshiram.

Dislikes: the cold, when her own moves are used on her, and rapists.

Bio: N/A
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(pics are not mine)

Name: Xaile and Soulana
Age: Xaile is 24 and Soulana is 23
Gender: Xaile is Male and Soulana is Female
Species: Xaile is Scizor and Soulana is Gourgeist
Sexuality: Both are straight
Level: Xaile is level 57 and Soulana is level 64
Moves: Xaile's moves are Bullet Punch, Aerial Ace, Acrobatics and Air Slash. Soulana's moves are Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Fire Blast and Solar Beam.
Likes: Xaile likes Pizza, Flying, Battling, her sis, Soulana, Soccer, Being Cool and Jokes. Soulana likes Killing, Ghosts, Battling, her bro, Xaile, Knifes, Blood, Electronics and Pranks.
Dislikes: Xaile dislikes Annoyances, Idiots, Blood, and Pranks. Soulana dislikes Perverts and Idiots... but srsly, she almost killed someone when she was 11.
Bio: They were originally pokemon trainers until they found a stone that turned them into pokemon. After a few years, they found this school and went to it.
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(Can be sexual) (Open RP)

Xaile was just playing a video game while Soulana was just... being bored...

Soulana: Xaile, when are you going to get off that stupid f###ing game...
Xaile: Shush! I'm trying to get through this Kaizo Level!
Soulana: WHAT!? Don't ever tell me to shush!
Xaile: Shush!! My god...
Soulana: ........You know what...f### you, i'm outta here! leaves the dorm leaving the door open
Xaile: Thank god...

My friend has been waiting to be accepted into the community for weeks...

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Name: Starla
Pokemon: Glaceon
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual(mostly prefers females)
Age: 18
Personality: Nudist, always horny, all you have to know is that she likes having sex
Likes: Dominating, Will(as a friend), being naked, sex
Dislikes: Being Dominated(unless it's with a male she likes apparently), wearing clothes
Moves: Icy Wind, Attract, Sheer Cold, Ice Beam
Teacher/Student: Student(Formerly)
Bio: Starla is a nudist and is always wondering around naked, she was kicked out of school for refusing wear clothes, now she's out and about finding random Pokemon to mate with.

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Name: Arana

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Half galvantula

Appearance: Arana has two forms that she can take at will. The first is a human form where she appears as a pretty young woman with galvantula plating. She has quite a slim build, deep blue eyes and soft, pale skin. Her other form is that of a galvantula.

Personality: Timid, shy, nervous, friendly, suspicious.

Teacher/student: None

Ability: Compound eyes (30% better accuracy with all moves)


Sticky web- Lays a thick web on the ground that tangles anyone who walks over it, slowing them down. This can also be used for tying people up.

Bug buzz- Creates a very harsh noise that deals heavy damage to those the waves hit.

Thunder- Manipulates energy to create a bolt of lightning that crashes from the sky, dealing massive damage.

Energy ball- Arana draws upon nature to create a ball of energy which she launches at foes.

Classes: None yet

Kinks: Bondage, oviposition, cocooning, domination, humiliation, anal.

Likes: Playing in the forest, creating webs, Shade, oviposition (laying eggs).

Dislikes: Cruelty, being shouted at, being hunted, fire.

Bio: Arana is a rather unusual Pokemon. She was born quite far away where a galvantula layed an egg inside a human woman, the egg hatched into Arana. As a hybrid she is sadly infertile and the eggs she lays won't hatch, though she still enjoys laying them. Because of this she was kicked out of a galvantula colony and left to wander, eventually finding her way to the forest near the Pokemon college. She likes watching the daily occurrences of the college and even secretly helps out (Though she hasn't yet been seen). The only person in the college to have seen Arana is Shade the weavile, who was teasing her. Arana tied her up and had some fun with Shade, who was humiliated and now avoids her section of the forest. Arana has occasionally considered showing herself to the students, but what would be the point? At the end of the day she was too different... They wouldn't want a half breed like her.

((Closed to +Caleb the dragon master​))

In Sara's house her and Ariella sit drinking tea in the living room while the egg rested in a small incubator in the corner. Ariella suddenly stops, tilting her head Wait... I can feel... Suddenly the egg makes a knocking sound and rocks slightly

Dungeon, eh? Someone rp with me dere plz

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Name: Feorai
Age: 25
Gender: female
Species: aggron
Moves: dragon claw, automize, power up punch, and earthquake
Student/teacher: student
Personality: A quiet one, until disturbed. Usually sits alone unless she opens up to someone that she likes. She tends to have not a shy attitude, but a strong willed putting herself before some not liking many til she gets to know them.
Likes: reading, eating at times. And secretly likes being the utter dominant person in a relationship.

Dislikes: people that don't listen to her warnings, and rude people.
Bio: (shall be revealed through rp)

in the section with the open field

Feorai looked to the ground as he neon light blue eyes pierced through it, as she then took a step and the ground began to quake, as she activated earthequake. It sent a massive shockwave through the ground, as cracks covered it spreading like a Web until she made it extend over then entire field. The ground was not a little unstable thanks to the massive power she just emitted with her move. "dang it, I did not mean to make it go across the entire field just the section I am on." As she sighed,as she realized there was a little too much power added, he strength was tremendous as always.

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