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Session: Using AIDE on Samsung DeX

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Can't clone git repository.

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How to solve this?

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Why is it not producing the output

Hi, I'm wondering is it possible to create an app that can change a phones system time?
Would the phone have to be rooted/have super user access?
Is it possible to have an input of int for setting the system time to a set time/date?
Thanks in advance

Hey Guys. I really like having AIDE Android, web and phone gap. But I'm having some trouble.
I recently got a new tablet and when I run AIDE android or web they keep prompting me to upgrade or buy though I have already paid for them.
I'm using the same google account.
I can use them in their full capacity but I cant stop the prompts. Web keeps prompting me to buy it every time I hit run.
I loaded my old tablet and updated them and don't have these troubles.

Any advice? Thanks!

Recently I tried to upload my app in Google Play Store,
While the uploading progress, it shows a uses feature "android.hardware.faketouch"
But in the real project I didn't use that feature.
How does that uses feature came to my project ?

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What's wrong with downloading NDK?!?!?!

Hi, please there's some bugs with using Appcompat library with your app ..
Not only me .... please fix it hurry ..

Program for sum of odd and even numbers in java
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