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Incoming call
Incoming call
Okay everyone this is what we train for so.....who's up for alittle avenging? +James Rogers you want to make the call?

//Hey it's Mikey! In the next week or so I was hoping to have more Avengers: Age of Ultron themed Roleplays and then some!//
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Alias: Captain America (Second)
Name: Jayke buchanan barnes
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human (American)
Appearance: Short Brown Hair, blue Eyes (Picture Below)
Family: Captain james buchanan barnes America ​​ ​​and alexia Barnes. James Buchanan Barnes (Father) Alexia Barnes ( Mother),
Affiliations: the stark Family (Mr Clinton the Hawkeye , captain Steve Jr America ,Steven rogers, ), the shield , The New next Avengers Team and next avengers
Alliance: Lawful Good and the shield and the new next avengers


Archery: Extraordinary archer, a student of the Kyudo discipline, though not as proficient as his father.

Martial Arts: jayke is also a martial arts master and is able to duplicate the skill of others. Jayke has been trained in Japanese martial arts and is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. Has been trained in blind fighting.

Powers: nonentrol of the attacker


Jayke buchanan Barnes jayke began his fathers shield And suit and gloves


Accelerated Healing:
Enhanced Durability:


Jayke Barnes is the son of Captain james buchanan barnes and my avenger mom is alexia barnes As a child he was picked on because of his mixed heritage (1/4 Korean, 1/4 African American, 1/2 Caucasian). Jayke had a volatile temper and had often fought back while his mother was unsure what to do with him. The only legacy he carried was what his mother had told him about his father, the hero known as the Captain america. She let him know that he was the illegitimate son of captain James Barnes and alexia barnes had loved Jayke Rogers and he had loved his father and mother .

Jayke kept and read everything he could about his father. His single mother, "alex" had to find work and had difficulty raising jayke. Because of jayke's problems in school, jayke's mother decided to sign the papers allowing Bucky to attend the same monastery that jayke fled to for a brief time years before called the Ashram Through his schooling and training at the monastery, jayke hawke queen spent all his efforts in becoming a student of Zen Buddhist philosophy, a master of Aikido, and a Kyudo archer. Still, as he tried to put all worldly thoughts out of his head, he still had a secret passion being a fan of his father's exploits. After they met, he became captain americaw.

bio: I am the son of and +James Buchanan Barnes​​​I am just like my father and mother in many ways considering he was enhanced When I was a baby my father gave me over to Tony Stark . My sister torann I grew up with James Rodger, Azari, and Pym. One day a ghost of some sort came to where we lived. The base was attacked. My siblings and I evacuated but then soon landed in Ultra City. I tried to fight the robots there and my pride took the best of me. We were saved by Francis Barton and his scavengers. We saved Tony from Ultron and learned about The Hulk. We got him to help us defeat the iron avengers and Ultron. I refused and now my siblings and I fight evil. We are The Next Avengers.
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Alice was patrolling the city with Francis but he was called back to home base so she was left alone. She tried to look as normal as possible which was hard considering she was wearing a hooded sweater with earbuds shoved into her ears. No music was playing but she was trying to look normal. She looked into store windows. She heard something around the corner and went to go check it out seeing someone who had a slight resemble a to her.
Who are you and what's are you dong?
shes removes her hood looking at the small teen pulling her earbuds out
((Closed to @mickey Cunningham ))

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Name: Alice

Age: 17

Gender :Female

Personality: Protective of herself, outgoing, and rebellious

Back story: Her mother is scarlet witch. Tony found out about this before ultron took over the world and when she was born Tony took her from Scarlet and put her in the care of vision until she was old enough to take care of herself. After 17 years of being hidden and after Scarlet came looking for her by tracking down Tony he decided to introduce her to the New avengers and place her on there team. They aren't all that warming except Francis because of her mother.

Relationship: Crushing on Hawkeye (Francis) but will never admit/show it

Interesting Details: She has a black and white cat who's name is Layla. Although she is over protective of herself she is very caring towards others even the new avengers. Her eyes turn red when she's angry and she can't control her powers

Powers: She can create energy that becomes semi solid that she can mold into different shapes and control with her mind using her hands to move it around.
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Name: Demitri Light
Alias: Osiris
Powers: Healing Factor, Elemental Powers, Summon undead
Weapons: Twin swords and twin shotguns
Personality: Goofy and Serious
Bio: Unknown

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Mame:Alexa Binarflame
Alias: Thunderia
Powers: Controls electricity, can connect with computers by her hands, and can create thunders with the fingers.
Parents: She don't have
She likes: Cats, computers, motorcycles, green, pizza.
She hates: dogs, police, Tony Stark, vegetables, popular people.
More information: She grow without friends, so is very shy, she is bipolar sometimes, and if someone needs help, she will be there.

Alexa walked at night when suddenly three men assaulted her with knives in her hand, she did not show any fear, so she started to fight them and in less than a minute, the three were on the ground while Alexa was shaking the dust . Suddenly he saw a shadow in the distance ...

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Name: Shadow
Nickname: Shad
Old names: Jack Ryan
Age: 27
Gender: M
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Weapons: Dual pistols and a electric bo staff
Theme song: Paint it black by the Rolling Stones
Personality: Smart but sarcastic
Bio: Unknown
Species: Human
Current Job: CEO of Ryan Industries
Outfits: Black jeans with a white tank top.
Something you always wear: Cowboy hat
What you do in your free time: Practices aim
Hobbies: Guitars, Skateboarding
Likes: Heroes, White Fantasy (Crush)
Dislikes: Light( evil clone created by Lex Luthor), villains

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Name: leah Rachel

age: 14

gender: Female

eye color: they change colors

hair color: natural blonde

hair texture: soft, silky

hair style: down most of the time

skin color: paleish

skin texture: smooth
height: 5'0

weight: 60lb

abilities: due to being experimented on, she has bird DNA, as well as other unknown things. so she has extremely light yet strong bones, incredible senses, enhanced speed, and agility, as well as flight. she also knows several fighting styles.

drawbacks: she burns calories 5x faster than a normal human so she needs to eat A lot
weapons: A pair of push daggers

parents: Unknown

personality: sweet, caring, brave, but suspicious, and tends to get in way over her head during situations at times.

likes: freedom, flying, chocolate, food.

dislikes: the fact that she's a mutant freak, "The school", enclosed spaces.

Bio: her parents gave her up as a baby to a place called "The School". not a pleasant place. they decided she would be part of "The Angel Experiment" so they start testing things on her, injecting her with bird DNA, and doing tests on her, pushing her to her limits since the time she could walk. there were six other subjects as well, they escaped when she was ten, and she escaped with them, but quickly went on her own way.
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was looking for my new dorm as I moved in after my mom made me stay here Ah I'm going to stay at this stupid place (open to anyone who wants to be my room mate)
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