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* What If You Can Only Blog Once A Month? *

You probably heard that you should publish a blog everyday or once a week, but this can be pretty stressful if you have a real busy schedule.

You wonder if there are other alternatives besides putting in so much time to a blog?

Actually there isn't as far as publishing new blog posts on a daily basis, but there is this thing about working smarter.

In this post I talk about 3 vital actions you should focus on when blogging and how your audience plays an important role in the frequency you publish blog posts.

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[NEW POST] Why Solopreneurs Struggle With Generating Blog Traffic

Either you’re getting a lot of traffic but yet you’re not getting the responses you want or you’re getting a very small amount of traffic. And it sucks, doesn’t it?

You may feel like you’re doing everything right, but yet your results are disappointing.

In this case you figure that you may be missing something. But what could that be? Well it has a lot to do with the purpose of your blog.

Without purpose, then people don’t have a great reason of why they should come to your blog. Especially for growing your returning visitors.

It starts off with purpose and branches out to other vital elements.

You may have a great habit of publishing content on a specific schedule or you may have a list of sites to promote your blog.

But yet doing a lot of work doesn’t mean that you’re going to generate the amount of traffic you want.

As a matter of fact it isn’t about the amount, but who’s coming to your blog.

In this post I’ll talk about the important elements to focus on that will improve your traffic generation.

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Conquering The Fear Of Publishing Your New Blog Post

Many of us believe that our blog post have to be "perfect" before we publish it.

Yes there are a lot of great tips on what to do with your blog post before you hit the publish button, but does it actually have to be "perfect" before we hit THAT button?

What does perfection actually mean?

But how many of you have read blog posts that was considered "perfect" that was getting a lot of shares and comments?

There's many of them and there's certain aspects to focus on to get those results which will be revealed in the following post

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Suppose you are strapped for cash but yet you want to start using paid advertising?

What options do you have as a blogger with a home business?

Some of the best ways to get conversions are free strategies that will not only help you with conversions but also with personal branding.

If you want to be effective you want to build rapport and a reputation that you can earn the trust of your target audience.

So what free strategies can you use?

In the following post I will list some of the strategies you can use to build a strong, cohesive blog marketing plan that will give you the results that will help catapult your success.

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3 Elements To Focus On To Help You Save Time

Having a Full-Time job and trying to grow a home business can be a huge challenge for anyone!

You have hard days at work, and when you come home you really don't feel like doing anything. Although you may be drained of energy you still try to muster up some energy to work on your business.

You've tried all the strategies and tools, and to no avail you not only haven't been successful, but you feel like you're going backwards with your business venture.

Now all you want to know are the basic elements to really start progressing with your business. In this post I give you 3 vital elements that will help you catapult your business.

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FREE Number 1 secret revealed to making money online !

FINALLY Average People Just Like You Are Getting Paid Every 60 Minutes GUARANTEED 

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Commit, Connect, Conver (3 Tricks To Becoming An Online Heavyweight)

A lot of us have this dream of quitting our full time jobs to have more time to ourselves, family and friends. So we start a home business and  we go the route of blogging to help build it. But what does it really take to build a blog and business.

Some of you may have been blogging for years with little to no success, while others of you may having being thinking of going this route. In either case there are 3 elements you must have in order to be successful and my guest +yusuff busayo will go more into detail about them.

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Ok, I may be a couple of weeks late with this post, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it. We're in January of 2016 and for many of us it means a change for the better. With that said, if you're looking to make some changes with your blogging and online marketing routine, then I'd like to share some of the changes I'm making that may give you some ideas.

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I don't think purely laziness is the sole source of the huge 97% failure rate in the industry !!

Yes there are quite a few lazy people out there were you can literally present something on a silver platter for them and take away all obstacles and they simply wont do anything with it..

But in my time i have seen and met quite a few people who are truly hard working and yet still end up spinning their wheels in this industry !! i have been there myself..

Its not as easy as the big shots in suits would like you to belief during presentation meetings ( get 3 who get 3 who get 3 and so on)
and its not as easy as just writing a post on facebook and watching the sales roll on in (and for those who do get results like that its because they put down possibly years of groundwork to get their social influence to a level were they can do that!)

This industry is possibly one of the hardest things you can do in terms of actually making it a full time career most will never actually tell you what goes on under the surface !

But there is a better way a way that levels the playing field and truley 100% can have success with and are having success ..

Im getting ready to rock 2016 and anyone is welcome to lock arms with me and make it happen for themselves..

Lets work together and turn that industry statistic around and show people there is a better way.

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