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The Soviets were familiar with many kinds of monsters in WW2. My take on a monstrous ally/foe for Operation Whitebox.

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I came back from Normandy a few days ago and thought I'd share a few photos of a German bunker. They were concrete monsters riddled with bullet marks. What you don't see is the surrounding craters that measure about 20' deep and at least 40' wide.

I find WWII to be fascinating for several reasons, but when you stand on those beaches in Normandy and look up at those cliffs, something comes over you. The guts it took to to face almost certain death is something that I'll never understand. 
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Their Eyes Were All the Same -Black Part 3 of ???
In the end they used Tesla's notebooks. The ones that were supposed to be lost. The War Department already had made progress with the Electric Trooper Project and the Underwater Agents. But they wanted something to equal the raw power of the creature the Na...

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[RANDOM ENCOUNTERS] More inspiration for your WWII game!

1d6 Things that Allied Airplane Just Dropped into Normandy

Note: There is a 1 in 6 chance that any airdrop is investigated by a squad of twelve (12) German soldiers who arrive in a large truck (Opel Blitz) in one (1) turn (ten minutes).

1. BOMB: Uh-oh…Kaboom! The bomb is not a direct hit, but does land close enough to affect all PCs (treat as a grenade for damage purposes).

2. LEAFLETS: Thousands of leaflets containing anti-Nazi propaganda rain down around the PCs. This propaganda takes the form of recaps of recent Allied victories, condemnation of Nazi war crimes, unflattering cartoons of Adolf Hitler, etc. The leaflets may even warn citizens to evacuate the area ahead of an impending Allied assault. Any citizen found in possession of one of these leaflets is subject to arrest.

3. PARATROOPERS: A “stick” of twelve (12) paratroopers and/or commandos. The paratroopers are scattered throughout the area and must link up before proceeding with their mission. They are wary of Germans, so the characters must approach them wisely to avoid a friendly fire incident. If the PCs successfully contact the paratroopers, they may introduce them to the local Resistance, provide shelter and intel, or even assist them with their mission (to be determined by the Referee).

4. MEDICAL SUPPLIES: A crate containing valuable first aid kids, insulin, bandages, antibiotics, and other medical supplies is dropped, to be collected by the local Resistance. The supplies are intended for the treatment of wounded Allied airmen and French citizens. However, they command a high price on the black market, so unscrupulous Frenchmen may seize them to auction off to the highest bidder.

5. FOOD: A crate containing powdered milk, chocolate bars, coffee, tea, cigarettes, and K-rations is dropped, to be collected by the local Resistance. This food and supplies are meant to be distributed to Maquis fighters hiding in the wild, but may also be seized and sold on the black market.

6. WEAPONS: A small crate containing weapons meant for the Resistance. Roll 1d6 (1-2: twelve large handguns (Webley revolver) + ammo, 3: twelve submachineguns (Sten guns) + ammo, 4: thirty-six grenades, 5: a predetermined amount of C2 plastic explosives + detonators, 6: a Willys Jeep with a pintle-mounted medium machinegun (M1919 Browning) + ammo in the back).

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A little system-neutral WWII inspiration...
[Random Encounters] For anyone who needs a little WWII inspiration...Enjoy!

1d6 Things to Find on the Normandy Road

1. STRAFING RUN: The PCs are spotted by two (2) enemy aircraft (Messerschmitts) who line up for a Strafing Run. There is a 1 in 6 chance the “enemy” aircraft are actually Allied fighters (Spitfires) who have mistaken the PCs for Germans. The aircraft strafe for 1d3 rounds, but break off if either plane is hit by return fire.

2. ENEMY ARMOR: A tank column consisting of one (1) light tank (Panzer IV), two (2) German armored cars (Leichter Panzerspahwagen), and twelve (12) German soldiers on foot are advancing on the road ahead. The PCs have no chance of being Surprised and a 4 in 6 chance of Surprising the Germans. In this case, they may either hide and wait for the column to pass or ambush the Germans as they pass by.

3. ENEMY TROOPS: A column consisting of twelve (12) German soldiers led by two (2) German officers is marching on the road ahead. Roll normally for Surprise. If attacked, the troops seek cover in the ditches on the side of the road. Once they determine the location of the PCs, they utilize fire and maneuver tactics to advance to grenade throwing range.

4. MAQUIS: 1d6+1 Maquis approach the PCs, waving a white flag. They are lightly armed with small rifles and one (1) Sten submachinegun. They know the location of a German machinegun nest (MG34) on the road ahead and would like the PCs to help take it out. There is a 1 in 10 chance that one of the Maquis is a spy who leads them all into a trap.

5. REFUGEES: A line of (2d6) old men, (2d20) women, and (1d20) children are fleeing the fighting. They all have identification papers, but are unarmed and can tell the PCs the general location of local German troops. There is a 1 in 10 chance that one of the refugees is a Polish defector from the German Army (he is unable to produce ID or have others vouch for him). If discovered, he offers more detailed information on troop movements in exchange for his life.

6. WRECKAGE: The PCs come across the smoking ruins of a German tank column consisting of three (3) wrecked panzers, six (6) wrecked APCs, two (2) wrecked transport trucks, and several dozen charred dead. There is a 1 in 6 chance the PCs find something useful if they search among the dead (weapons, ammo, injured POWs, etc.), as determined by the Referee. There is a 1 in 10 chance that a German Sniper is hiding in the woods nearby.
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