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If you did not know you can get the Front in print for $5 bucks!

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The bunker done, so far. Four figs on bottom left are American. All the other figs are Germans. I also have eight character sheets made up, two in each class. Now I just need to make up ground trails and trenches to the left of and behind the bunker. The trenches will have Germans in them, as well.

I'm setting a personal goal for myself. This coming weekend 11/10-11/11 I'm going to run a session, one-shot or otherwise, of The Front. I honestly don't care, at this point, if I majorly FUBAR or knock it out of the park I just want to get into this!

Question: what tips do you have for running a session of The Front, or any RPG for the first time?

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Mark Hunt said to keep scenario short and simple so I thought the shortest and simplest thing I could think of: assaulting a bunker on D-Day! Here is the bunker at 2 feet by 2 feet and its staying that way. I'm talking to you, CHRIS! Keep shooting distances at close to medium and no vehicles: nice and simple!
I'm also going to draw up trenches, outside the bunker, for players to navigate.

Anything else I should consider?

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I'm back! Been busy moving out to my first apartment so haven't had time to work on the RPG. But I'm all settled down and ready to get back into this.
I did find these really cool, easy to assemble, German and American triangle stand models. They also have a silhouette back with a space for writing ID info. My initial thought is to write HP for the individual soldier.
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Found something cool. After assembling the paper model soldiers I applied a small piece of Scotch invisible tape to the back of the soldier. Now I can use dry-erase markers on them!

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+Mighty Eroc are you moving to MEWE? I am there now.

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Play report for session 3: Assault the Moathouse. for The FRONT RPG!

The FRONT field manual stuff part 2:

Okay, going with the rule of thumb from the Telescopic sight here is what I have next, keeping the Advantage/Disadvantage thing going.

Pg. 24 Double Shot:
[ A semi-automatic weapon can be fired twice as a full-round action. Each shot suffers plus 2 penalty.]

I'm thinking of changing this to a Full round action rolled with Disadvantage, if a hit is scored roll dame twice for the weapon.

Pg. 25 Short Burst:
[ the attack is resolved with a minus 2 circumstance bonus. If the target is within the weapon's first range increment, the submachinegun inflicts an additional 1d8 damage.]

I think the easy change for this one is to roll with Advantage and if the targets are at close range roll the additional d8 for damage. You cannot do this if your usage die is at a D6 or lower.

Thoughts -

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