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Sexuality: (for finding couples) ((optional))
Way you died:
ID pass: (First letter of your name and day you were born (ex: V11))
Looks- (optional pic instead of this)
Eye colour:
Hair colour:
Place in Afterlife: (aka demon, angel, spirit, ghost, anything supernatural really)

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Afterlife Profile

Quote: "I'll burn that bridge when i get to it" "Oh honey, you can't destroy me. I destroy myself"
Name: "Hey bitches, I'm Violet Di'Morte and I'm the Princess of Hell"
Age: "oh I'm 13. Hah, y'know, got hung for assasination in 1220, never aged rolling tiara around in fingers. Now daddy made me a princess smirks"
Gender: "I'm a Female"
Sexuality: "I'm Straight with a small hint of bi... smiles"
Way you died: "ugh, assasination, got hung in 1220"
ID pass: "V11"
Height: "I sigh im 4'8. Yes, make fun of me. I fucking dare you."
Place in Afterlife: "Princess of Hell. Warrior when in battle smirks"
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Name: David Jesus Martinez
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Way I died: Suicide by starvation
ID Pass: D29
Description: Being a sad man who knew too much in his later years, he decided to kill himself because he was quite the terrible person and thought that he'd make everyone happy by dying
Looks: Depressed, wears gamer clothing
Eye colour: Blackish brown
Hair colour: Black
Height: 5'6"
Place in Afterlife: Fallen Angel
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