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TOD in Shoreline?

Well there are no major transit lines here yet but...

Pictured here is a plot of land between highway 99 and Westminster ave in southern Shoreline. Recently the final commercial property in use there (a Denny's) shut down. This means that the entire area there is now devoid of commercial activity. All four buildings are now closed and boarded up.

This area also happens to be the major crossing point for the interurban trail, where the two bridges that cross Westminster and 99 meet. Just behind where this picture was taken is the parking lot to a Sears and a Central Market grocery store, along with several other small to medium sized retail stores.

It would seem that this would be a prime opportunity to discuss how this property might be redeveloped (as commercial and or transit oriented zone) in a way that would help the community in general.

It is important to note that the properties here are of course private, and the owners may already have ideas of what to do with them... but it may also be worth noting that the other properties here have been boarded up for some time. (So maybe there aren't any existing ideas of what to do with this land).

Personally the idea of this land acquired by some part of local government and used for high capacity transit seems tempting to think about, but its also nowhere near any of the currently planned high capacity transit lines.

Anyone have any ideas about how this property might be developed? Does anyone know what (if any) plans might already exist?

I am more of a fan of full grade separated rail than streetcars, but as long as we are going to have streetcars, I would like to see our current ones made more effective.

Here are some thoughts I have on what can be done with some of the existing and planned lines:

1) The Jackson corridor of the First Hill car had center lanes and curiously long platforms (except for the one near the trolley barn switch). It seems that this part of the First Hill line could be converted to higher capacity by having connected cars (one driver for two cars) and making these center lanes mostly exclusive ROW (allowing cars to cross them for the turn lanes only).

2) The city center connector that is being discussed, if built, should have exclusive ROW on the entirety of 1st ave. This would be accomplished by removing parking lanes from the Pioneer Square portion and turning the center tree planter zone into a station platform. We would lose most (if not all) of the trees and all of the parking, but this would allow for exclusive ROW as well as continued use by cars. We would also get the ability to have very long platforms to allow for longer car chains (as many as four?) or for use with multiple streetcar lines should extensions be made up to Queen Anne/Seattle Center, UW and Ballard. 

Though the Broadway portion of the First Hill line and the SLU lines will probably have long term slowness issues without major modifications going into the future, this core corridor would be relatively fast and effective, able to serve multiple lines in the future for near to downtown local streetcar lines.

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