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Open for harem rps now. If you want to rp repost with the 4 you want most and message me in hangouts. If not then you are sad and ive no desire to speak to you further(quoted that sentence.)
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Anyone want me I'm a fox my name is Jake and I'm ready for rp 

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Name- War
Aliases- N/A
Age- Older than written history
Species- Horse, Nightmare, Horse of the Appocalypse
Eye color- Deep shimmering emerald green
Mane and tail color- black with natural red streaks

Likes- Food, Causing mayhem and wars, loves ancient weapons armor and clothing, loves to seduce men with her thick Irish accent, loves working on vintage cars and trucks, loves movies and music

Places usually found- Car shows, movie theaters, war zones, live concerts

Dislikes- Mean people, classical and rap music, being politically correct

Favorite colors- Crimson Red and Black

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Name: Zoe

Age: 16-18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Orientation Definition: 50/50

Height: 5"10

Weight: 135.7 lbs

Body Shape: Curvy, Skinny, Slightly toned

Tail Length: 19.7 inches

Tail type: Very soft and fluffy. Smooth

Powers: None

Breast size: D cup

Cunt Depth: 8.3 inches

Cunt width: 1.9 inches

Futa?: No

Dominant or Submissive: Dominant

Likes: Zombies, Both genders, video games, sex

Dislikes: Jackasses, Bullies, Being pushed around.

Turn-ons: Being fucked dry, neck licking, ass rubbing.

Turn-offs: Being dominated, anal

Personality: A bit of a gothic girl with a very nice body type. Loves to have sex with close friends and sometimes family. Very passionate and sweet

Bio: Unknown.
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Name: Peyton
Nickname(s): GirlyG/Peypie
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Wolf and Cat mix
Crush: N/A(Open)
Bf/Gf: N/A(Open)
Likes: Pink,music,drawing,guys,being weird, animals,dresses,and going outside.
Dislikes: Bullies,classical music,being normal,and staying inside.
Personality: Funny,quiet,a bit rude,outgoing,caring,loving,a but nerdy,weird,and always willing to help out.
Friends: None yet...

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I am a human boy You are mneko neko girl . This wold hates to see neck and humans together as we are all standing out in the cold rain with are sign for equal rights.
As I walk to the stage I looks at you and smile as the crowd starred clap, you then look at me as I bring the Mic to my lips
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(Open rp)

I'm sitting in the little willow glade near my barn, enjoying the warm sun on my body. There's a small warm breeze in the air barely tusseling my mane and tail.

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Hello! I'm Savage Thunder ((if you want call me st for short)) and I'm a girl. I'm up for any rp and any questions y'all have for me. :)

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Umm...I'm new...So um....Yeah...Ugh, this is not working my way....
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