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Name: Tora Hitomi
Age: 17
Species: Neko
Speciality: Trickery and fraud
Class: (middle class,poor,in-between) In-Between
Job: (can have none): She's supposedly a physic, but she rips people off
Family: (also can have none): Sora
Lives: In a small house
Personality: Sarcastic, bored
Back story (plz have a sentence): She and her sister moved to the town because they were kicked out of the last town for various crimes.


Name: Sora Hitomi
Age: 17
Species: Neko
Speciality: Observance
Class: (middle class,poor,in-between) In-Between
Job: (can have none): Physic
Family: (also can have none): Tora
Lives: In a small house
Personality: Mostly silent, kinda creepy
Back story (plz have a sentence): Though it was mostly her sister who commuted the crimes, she didn't feel like she had any reason to stay in the town, so she decided to move along with Tora.


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Name: Color
Age: ?
Species: ?
Speciality: She makes suspicious deals with people
Class: (middle class,poor,in-between) Poor
Job: (can have none): She does people's bidding in trade for something else
Family: (also can have none): None
Lives: ?
Personality: Tricky, mysterious, suspicious
Back story (plz have a sentence): Nobody really knows who, or what, she is. All they know is that she appears when someone is desperate for something. She will appear and make them a deal. But, nobody who's made a deal with her has ever been seen again.
Other: (She's like the Bill Cipher of this place (if you've ever seen Gravity Falls))


u saw Rinn in a trash can out side the palace u could hear a lot of noise u came closer and....

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Age:"18" (will lie about her age)
Species:"human whyyy" part cyborg
Speciality:"killing people and building weapons"
Class: "in-between I'm not one of those snobs"
Job:"assassin and weapon builder"
Family:"well I have a pet fox"
Lives:"I made my own house on the hill"
Personality:"Im a sarcastic fellow funny and can come off being rude"
Back story:My mom and dad were killed by this king and queen so now I'm trying to assassinate them but I need a team but everyone's afraid of me so it's hard"

Couple of rules I will keep posting as I go

1:this is a anime rp
2:u will have 3 chances then u are out
3:plz do not post in the rules on less mod

Now time to RP yeeeee

Welcome this is the kingdom of Edeven this is the kingdom of war in the streets no one's happy the king and queen ate corrupt they want all the money so people are very poor and mostly everyone live in the streets except the friends or guards of the king and queen. They are middle class and the people who own restaurants and shops were a lot of people go and in-between middle class and poor.So who/what will you be (the template is this

Class: (middle class,poor,in-between)
Job: (can have none)
Family: (also can have none)
Back story (plz have a sentence)

(Please tell me if I'm missing something 

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Name: Kereu Jalen
((ADDED)) Nickname: Shadow
Age: Around 19 or so, but hes immortal
Species: Demon
Speciality: Fighting
Class: (middle class,poor,in-between) Middle Class I guess
Job: (can have none) He is head Guard
Family: (also can have none) His sister died/was killed by him and his parents live there
Lives: With his parents
Personality: He is unkind and rude.
Back story (plz have a sentence) He only remembers what the King wants him to remember. That Amora was horrible.
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