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Dear Moka Devs:

I absolutely love your icon theme, however, can you please fix the giant Archive folder here inside Evolution email program?

Note how it's about 3 times larger than the other action buttons? This only happens with Moka, Faba, etc...

I've tried fixing in /usr/share/icons, but I can't find the location of this particular icon.


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I try install icons paper's . Beautiful and modern
In my opinion some of the icons lacked ideas and different colors
Example icon web browser!

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( icon moka )I hope update browsers Opera and Chrome!

Does moka have icons for cpp, or java? 

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I forget about this place; just an update regarding some of the Moka subprojects.
I'm doing some spring cleaning of my Moka themes, by that I mean I'm discontinuing all Moka subprojects that aren't the Moka or Faba icons to cut down on the things I maintain. The Moka and Faba icons were the only themes to gain any sort of popularity and are used by other projects so they of course will carry on.

Besides, I have Paper to maintain now, which is much better. 😉

Hello guys,
I would like to contribute to the Moka project.
Include icons to not so popular applications.
How can I contribute to the project?

blender and one of the largest Linux world programs because he does not have an icon?

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Beautiful iconset. My curent desktop Mint 17 Xfce plank moka icons :-)

Hey guys, do you know what happened to Faba for openSUSE 13.2? I can find only Moka in the repository, and the site only presents the link to manually download the Faba Icon Set.
Oh, and is there still an option to change the color of the folders, setting Faba-Verd?
Thanks so much! ;)

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Hi, Moka looks great!
So is it possible to change purple by another color?
I want to play with moka configuration }:-)
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