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Name: sam
age: 16
gender: male
crush: no one
sexuality: straight
personality: Nice towards classmates and shows respect to teachers
soul: blue
aura: blue flames
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My oc
Pls respect
Its Negi generation 2000
its an lycra
All your ocs are shit compared to this fella
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Name: Sasha
Age: 16
fur color: white and blue
Gender: female
height: 5'7"
personality: lovable, and emotionally unstable at times
Likes: cuddles and hugs
Dislikes: not getting cuddles or hugs when she needs them

Name: Sakairã Mari
Age: Immortal
Species: Nine-tail fox

Name: Celeste Dragonheart
Age: Immortal
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Species: Dragon
Magic: Fire/Healing/Teleportation
Melee: Pure Golden Warhammer

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Hey all I'm new to the group. My furry oc is named rai and he's a otter human hybrid an he's 19 yrsold hes well built muscular with broad shoulders and a big bubble butt hes verse and gay and sadly I have no art of him. He's usually wearing joggers and a tank top andin his human form. His tail is always out tho just smaller than normal. He is from the hxh fandom. So I mainly do hunter x hunter rp's. But yiff rp's are welcome. add me or whatever. the art isnt mine this is close to what he would look like only a bit more muscle.

Name: Rai Age:19 Gender: male Species:otter hybrid Weapon: Dual blades Clothing:Gray sweatshirt and black joggers Eyes:Brown Hair: Light brown Personality:Kind goofy shy and a bit of a showoff Powers:Nen user. Emitter class can slash his swords and create long range slash waves and can emit aura from any of his limbs or his swords can manipulate swords without touching them within a 4 yard radius can stand on his swords and fly for limited time also. and other basic nen abilites. can shift between human and otter but his tail will always show in either form. In otter form his nen control his more refined. And is known in the Heavens gate arena as triple threat Rai

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((Females only I'll do a pp post if asked, I do what you want)) {the image is my oc just so ya know}
you always had a thing for dragons but had never seen one, you were walking through a forest when you heard a mighty crash, you walk ahead and find me lying on my side, my wing broken, you....

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My oc


Age: 20

Hobby:likes to fight devil's

Fav color:red

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Hi my friends
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