Are you or if you know someone who is on n y s workers comp. and not getting there fair shake, then post a story here ??? My very good friend Joe Bernzweig , he is been on n y s workers comp . for 10 years now without any weekly checks or medical treatment for 8 years now, even there doctor said in there reports that he has R S D in his right hand and arm and he cant work anymore and is collecting s s d . But!!! N Y S workers comp. & Ace insurance co. are working together  not to pay him any weekly checks or get treatment and they refuse to  recognize what Social Security has recognize  and  n y s workers comp. said that he could return to work which he cant not  .The system is corrupt & broken and the injury workers is the one that is losing out on what is coming to them.  He even wrote an e-mail to n y s workers comp. board on what is wrong with his case 3 months ago and he got back denied from the board ,is this fair???? They probability didn't investigate any thing he wrote in his e-mail to them . Of cause not ,he even wrote to cnn, fox news,  all n y c newspaper's & t.v. station's  and many other's to bring this story  to the people , not one answer with a Yes . We hope that someone in the media in google land contact's him  and wants to write this story and to bring this story live . Mr. J. Bernzweig is now living in poverty because of this with his service dog and  so many other's  are too, they need to get there story's out to the public now  . United we will stand as one !!!! If you need to contact Joe Bernzweig ,his e - mail is Thank You , J.B.
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