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Heathkit Digital Frequencey Counter IM-2410 [eBay]

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Heathkit HW-16 CW Transceiver [eBay-SOLD!]

More shack cleaning...I can't enjoy the stuff I want to use or the projects I want to work on because of all the clutter. 

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Heathkit Audio Generator AG-9A [eBay]

More shack cleaning...I can't enjoy the stuff I want to use or the projects I want to work on because of all the clutter. 

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The final of three videos in the series I've been sharing about cleaning up and fixing my LXD.
The LXD is exonerated from causing the tape perf problems I was seeing, but it still needs some alignment. Here I align the mark/space timings using a DSO and an audio editing application.

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This is a video that follows the last one I shared, where I look at the mechanism and operation of the Model 28 Transmitter-Distributor, including operating it by hand and under power with the covers off. Unfortunately I don't yet know why it's sometimes malfunctioning, but it's an interesting mechanism either way!

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Martin and I will be talking about vintage equipment and the old days. Please join us Tues.
This week on Amateur Radio Roundtable, our guest will be Martin F. Jue, the founder of MFJ. Hear his ham radio story, how he started MFJ Enterprises, some new products they are working on, and much more. Its always fun and exciting to talk with Martin. Phone lines and chat room will be open for viewers to ask questions. Watch on W5KUB.COM at 8:00 PM Tuesday. This show is also simulcast on famous international shortwave station WBCQ on 5130 KHz Also don't forget to send us pictures of your ham shack and we will try to show them on one of the Tues shows. (for international viewers the time is 0200 UTC Wed)

My name is Curt. I am 22 years old, and I have an addiction to collecting vintage gear.

Here is my vintage station so far:


HW-101 with all the fixin's

T/O 8G005Y

4640 Stereo Receiver

I hope to acquire more vintage gear in the future.

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I've been doing some work cleaning up a vintage Teletype Model 28 Transmitter-Distributor (tape reader) that I am setting up to use as the "macro" engine for my vintage RTTY setup. I ran into some reliability problems after the cleanup, and have described the issue (with a dive into Teletype signaling and Baudot) so that some progress can be made toward finding the solution.

Hopefully some of you will find it interesting!

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I've started documenting the Teletype Model 28 in an accessible and casual fashion, using my Model 28 KSR as the basis. I'll be adding more information (and photos!) as I get the time. In particular, I want to aggregate some of the collective wisdom on operating these fascinating machines in the 21st century, when many of the maintenance procedures documented in the manuals are difficult or impossible to follow directly due to obsolete products, unavailable model numbers, etc.
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