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Big or small, don't ignore the early signs of Cancer. And get cured at the earliest.
‪#‎WorldCancerDay‬ ‪#‎WeCanICan‬
Find out more about Cancer Symptoms here:…/

                Here are Ways to Heal Yourself while facing CANCER!!!
Our Mission is Cancer Free Society…Let’s Conquer CANCER together!!!

For needy HEART & CANCER patients…In a notable charitable initiative, VEDANT Hospital offering its services at best discounted price to needy patients; even in some cases ‘At No Cost’. 

What we are best at; Cancer is potentially curable if diagnosed and treated in early stages. Even in late stages where cure may not be possible patient can be treated to have meaningful life with disease.

However, our most substantial and perhaps impactful aim to writing this mail to you is that to help those people struggling from cancer, who for one reason or another could use our helping hand.

       Please forward this massage to maximum groups so that needy patients can avail this opportunity.
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