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TOTAL WAR ARENA |Batalla Epica Gameplay Español
@Rome2Hispania #TotalWarArena #TotalWar

Olá eu sou brasileiro e gosto muito do total War arena vcs podem me ajudar a abaixar ele ou mandar o link do game?

Anyone manage to get in the closed alpha?

Tips to play arty:
- For catapult: press Alt to change from moving to shoot mode, then press right click to shoot. Catapult will move the angle to any where your mouse is pointing. If you press alt + right click twice fast yor men will drop siege tool and run to that place
- For bolter shooter: click destroy button for fast move to new place, then click destroy button again to rebuild the bolter shooter.
- High level siege weapon: not have yet :))

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Mephistopheles and Margaretta, Wood, 19th century

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Big win
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