Welcome David Freeberg, Director of Digital Curriculum to our G+ Technology Community

Voluntary Employee’s Beneficiary Association (VEBA) – Current and future retirees: Would you like to understand what your Voluntary Employee’s Beneficiary Association (VEBA) will do for you when you retire? If you are receiving a VEBA when you retire this year or will be considering retiring in the upcoming years, then this meeting will be very helpful for you. Sandy Oleson, senior account manager with Gallagher Benefits Service will be onsite to review your next steps and answer your questions. The session is scheduled for:
·         Thursday, May 15, 4 p.m. at ASC, North A
If you have any questions, contact Jessica McCandless, Human Resources, at jmccandless@edenpr.org or 952-975-7105.
Ignite Eagle Nation ~ June 16, 17 and August 12, 13: EC-12 grade teachers & administrators – Making summer plans? Join us for Ignite Eagle Nation! Join your colleagues on June 16, 17 or August 12, 13 for professional learning around technology, personalizing learning, 21st century teaching strategies and best practices for assessment. Attendees will be paid the training rate for attending. These days will be sure to help you create opportunities to inspire each student, every day. More information will be coming soon. Contact your building principal or Michelle Ament if you have any questions. To help us with planning, please take this two-question survey indicating your interest and availability. Ignite Eagle Nation Survey Link
K-3 Teachers i-Learn Training - August 5 or 11 – Professional Learning around the iPad, MacBook Air, and strategies for teaching in a 1:1 classroom environment will be available for all teachers who work with K-3 students. Please choose training date of either August 5 or 11. Attendees will be paid the training rate for attending. More details and registration information will be coming soon. Contact your building principal or Michelle Ament if you have any questions.
EdCampEPS - June 18 – Join us for a day of learning and sharing by attending EdCamp. What is an EdCamp? Unlike a traditional conference where the schedule is set by the facilitators of the conference, EdCamp has an agenda that is created by the participants at the start of the event. You decide what you want to learn and share with others. EdCampEPS will be open to other educators and a fabulous way to collaborate. The event is free for attendees and participants attend voluntarily. Please contact your building principal or Michelle Ament if you have any questions. Please visit the EdCampEPS website for more information.

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Upload to YouTube from iPads: Remember to create a channel first... and you need to be in desktop version in order the do so.
Digital Footprint: An important and on going conversation with students, staff and parents.

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Please attend one of the budget meetings over the next three weeks.

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Sent to all K-3 Teacher about iPad App Updates/Installs:
The student image for the iPads has been created and the iPads will be ready to use by March 3rd.  We have set up the devices with free and paid apps after gathering input from K-3 teachers and the iLearn team.  Since you manage your iPad, you will need to download the free and paid apps that will be on the student devices.  Here is the list of K-3 apps  k 3 app list | i learn ep .  Using your iPad click on the icon and you will launch iTunes for easy downloading of the apps.  The paid apps can be downloaded through self service, which must be done on site, connected to the EPS wireless network.  Here is a short video to walk you through the steps of adding these apps to your iPad.

Information Sent to K-3 Teachers About Deployment:
The technology department has been working with principals and teachers from across the district to design the winter 2014 iPad cart deployment.  For the balance of this year we are leveraging iPads that have been freed up through other i-Learn@EP deployments, to increase resources at each site.  Each site will have enough iPads on carts to place 3 iPads in each K-3  classroom or to use the whole cart and provide each student in a classroom with a device.  There will be one K-1 cart and one 2-3 cart at each site.  Our goals for this winter and spring are to provide enough devices for K-3 teachers to “Try One Thing” and become more familiar with leveraging the devices to support learning.  This learning will also inform future elementary i-Learn@EP design.  Later this spring we will be working with teachers, principals, Learning and Teaching, and Student Support Services to collaboratively design what our fall 2014 K-3 i-Learn@EP deployment will look like.  To effectively deploy the iPads for K-3 this spring we need your help and want you to be aware of the following:

Please bring all iPads along with the chargers to the Tech Office at the end of the day on February 26th.  (Contact your tech support specialist if you need to make other arrangements for a pick up time/location)

If there are projects or other student work on your iPads that needs to be saved, it should be backed up.  (Please contact the Help Desk or your support specialist prior to February 26th if you need help backing up your work. Anything on the iPads will be lost when they are re-imaged on February 27th.)

K-3 Teachers should not plan to use collected iPads on February 27th and 28th.  (Technology Support Specialists will prepare the devices for re-deployment on February 27th and 28th.)

The K-3 iPad carts will be ready for distribution March 3rd.  Each site is choosing how to deploy and manage the iPads on their carts.  If you have questions please speak with your principal.

We are collecting only iPad 2s, however please notify the technology support specialist at your site if you currently have an iPad 1 and how many.

its Learning Pilot Paused:
The technology team has been working with teachers from across our district to learn more about its Learning through a pilot before making a decision and adopting a Learning Management System (LMS).  Although we see great potential in the its Learning product, there have been several challenges particularly surrounding iPad workflow.  The learning that has occurred is exactly why we run live pilots.  It is allowing us to monitor, adjust and truly evaluate from a classroom perspective.   We are working with its Learning to resolve these issues, but while we do so we are going to “Pause” our pilot to limit frustration and ensure the system can serve our students and teachers the way it should.  The i-Learn Specialists are personally meeting or speaking with teachers involved in the pilot to talk about the “why” and what our next steps will be.  We will keep you posted and in the loop as we learn more.

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Here is the balanced scorecard draft from the presentation the other day.  Please be aware this is conceptual and still being developed, but we have started to gather data and measurements in several areas.  This is in the spirit of continuous improvement and is designed to provide us all with feedback and data that can guide our work and decision making.

Leadership Opportunities!
** Technology eTeam (Equity Team)
** Site Council Representative
Please contact me or your manager if interested in either.
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